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Pat:  My supervisor lied to a parent in an IEP meeting telling the mom that E was receiving 3.5 hours of EA time per day. Everyone, including mom and advocate knew he was lying. As case manager, I spoke up. I’ve been on administrative leave since 8 days later on 12/11 and just received notice I’m being terminated. Are there any protections?

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You did the right thing but mostly likely in the wrong setting. When an administrative is “called out” in that way, he/she may retaliate. If he/she was “called out” in the meeting by a teacher in front of the advocate/mom, that is problematic for all involved–especially the parent. You are passionate and caring enough to speak up. Your supervisor should have worked with you to resolve this without you being terminated. Schools have cliques and some administrators have “mini kingdoms” which they rule. In the end, you may be better off in another school or district. I do hope you can either get your job back or find a school that embraces your passion and ethics. Don’t give up!

Yes, you should have some through the state laws & regulations. You may be able to appeal this decision to someone beyond the school. Contact the state education agency & a teacher association. Also the district should have policy regarding termination. Find the policy & review if the district followed it.