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Ralph:  How long after you request a reevaluation must the school conduct the reevaluation? My son is in the CD (Communication Disorder) self contained class and also has other items on his IEP with possible LD. He is in third grade and we want to see what placement he would be for next year and if there is LD there, then get him in the program he needs to be in as well. He is due for a reevaluation next year, and at our IEP meeting and now officially with the school requested it. Both his Special Ed teach and Speech path agree that he should be tested why he is comfortable and not wait until next year to only move him again. the School Psychologist said, “…There are several students that are actually due this year that need to be completed. We are going as fast as we can but this is a very busy place.” What do I say to that? Thanks

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Curious question: If a child has an IEP for speech/language only, and the parent believes that there is something else going on, would this be considered a reeval or would it be considered an initial for additional exceptionality?



If the parent believes something else is going on with their child they must request for additional evaluations. It would be considered an initial evaluation as it is focusing on another area of need.


It would be a re-evaluation as the child is already receiving special education services through speech.



Would if still be a re evaluation even if it was a different area of concern?


Yes. You can only be found initially eligible for special education the first time. After that, any evaluations are re-evaluations. So even if it is another area (speech only child looking to add SLD or the reverse, SLD looking to add speech), it is a re-evaluation.

Sharon L.

in our district we can request a re-evaluation once a year & do not have to wait for the 3 year evaluation. I believe this is legal everywhere. I send a letter requesting the eval & ask for a response within 5 business days. I send the letter certified mail to the principal and/or the spec director. Make sure you meet & sign the school’s eval request form. This is the paperwork that starts the clock to get the eval within 60 days. I have done this many times even had once a year for 3 years to check on progress. The school does not like it but they do need to comply.


The 60 day timeline is only for initial evaluations. Testing for a Re-evaluation (if deemed necessary) needs only to be completed by the end of the 3 years. Plus, if you have your child tested as part of the re-determination (instead of just reviewing current data) you run the risk of having your child found ineligible.


Federal rules only required a re-evaluation every 3 years. There is no federal rule on how long they have to do a re-eval after it is request. Your state might have a rule on this. You could request a independent educational evaluation paid for by the district. Your state parent training & information project can assist you.