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Martina:  my son is diagnosed with adhd and odd and anger issues, he has also missed a lot of school last year due to suspensions which has him behind academically… he is now in 1st grade and continues to fall behind the other students due to behavior suspensions. When frustration or anxiety kicks in about school work, it triggers his behavior. The teachers are fed up and are not nice at all. she locks him out the classroom and this triggers him as well. instead of just being frustrated about the work, he is now angry and embarrassed. He sees red once the kids are laughing. He is now faced with a 5 day and hearing for expulsion.

i have been doing some research and i read some where that students with disabilities can’t be expelled?? can someone please help me, i was instructed by the principal to just withdraw cause if we proceed and is found to be expelled then he cant return to many schools for a year. today is thursday and i need to get the hearing scheduled or withdraw in the next 2-3 days…. please help… point me in the right direction… what is an advocate and where to find?? does my son qualify for any other assistance??

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If your son has been diagnosed as having a disability & served through special ed, he has rights in regards to discipline & expulsion. If he is not served by special ed, make a request for special ed testing in writing immediately. Make this to the principal & special ed department. I also strongly suggest contacting your state parent training & information project immediately. http://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center/ You can also contact me at cnoe59@hotmail.com if you need help in contacting the center.


Martina – Where are you located? Click on your state in this directory to find advocates and other resources. http://www.yellowpagesforkids.com/