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Maria:  Can the school deny my request to have my child tested?

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Maria –

Yes, the school can deny your request for an initial evaluation. They can do so, for example, if they suspect that your child does not have a disability that meets the statutory definition.

If they do deny the request, however, they must provide you with a written explanation of why. This obligation is often called “prior written notice” or PRN

You have a right to dispute their denial by requesting a due process hearing. You may also elect to have your child evaluated independently, provide the results to the school, then ask them to reconsider your request. This route has the extra benefit of giving you evidence, if you should have a hearing.

I encourage you to connect with your local parent center (http://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center/). They can help you understand your right to PRN, how to request a hearing, and other options you might have.