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Dave:  I have a student that has been warned during every test, as the class has, and if talking takes place…a zero will be given. PSAT, SAT and State Examinations prohibit talking during a test. Can the zero be given for a final exam?

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Some people talk when they are anxious. Threatening to give a zero on a final exam isn’t going to reduce anxiety but is likely to make it worse.

Isn’t the purpose of the exam to measure what your students learned? Their knowledge? If you give a zero to a student who talks, what are you measuring? If you give a zero to a student who talks, aren’t you using the grade to punish? How will you know if your instruction was effective – i.e., if the student learned anything in your class?

Can you ask a school psychologist or behavior specialist to observe the student in your class, give you ideas about how to manage his/her talking?

Finally, don’t take the talking personally. Put your teacher hat on, figure out how you can help, not punish.