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Veronica: 6th Grade teacher pushed my daughter’s head onto the desk and made her hit her fore head. She wanted my daughter to put her head down for talking, I just reported it to the school today, how do I know what punishment the teacher should receive for her actions?

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I would not focus on the punishment as much as the safety of your daughter. Chuck is right–the outcome of any action taken (if any) may be confidential. Teachers have union contracts and such. Does your daughter feel safe? Has there been recent communication between the teacher, you and the administration concerning the incident? You can request a meeting. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an outcome of an punishment. Most parents in this situation request meetings with administrators and that in itself sends a “strong message.” At least the teacher now knows that you are aware of her behavior and your daughter will speak us for herself. Also, attend PTA meetings, school events and make your presence strong in that school as that in itself sends a stronger message.

District policies should say what consequences can be given to teachers for various offenses, but schools consider what is done a confidentiality situation, & will not tell you. Policies should be available through the district’s website.