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Leslie: My son is autistic. Lately his meltdowns have included a lot of disrespect. The principal is now saying when he is disrespectful, the teacher is to walk away and he will get a zero on the assignment, quiz, or test. I feel like this is an unfair academic punishment for a manifestation of his disability. However, I do not know how to fight this. Can anybody give me advice. Am I wrong? If I am not wrong then what can I do and say?

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I second what chuck is saying. Request the IEP meeting to find out why your son is having an increase in meltdowns. I would also request a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). This may give some clue and even some answers as to what is going on with your child. From there you can implement a BIP Behavioral Intervention Plan. I wish you all the best of luck with your son.

A request for an IEP meeting to address your child’s increase in meltdowns is appropriate. Dealing with this situation is a responsibility of the IEP team. Find out what the state & district policy is on addressing a parent request for an IEP meeting.