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Maureen:  How can I get my son ABA in school?

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hi, sometimes it will be necessary after speaking to your child’s Special Education tram and /or principal to get a professional evaluation report from a child psychologist. so begin thinking about whether or not you could be able to coordinate that as well.
Sometimes the school is cooperative, and sometimes they are not.
Do not worry, but think about what happens if there is proof needed for that purpose.Regardless, get a notebook for this purpose and take copious notes of dates, your wishes, initiation plan of action, who, when and where you spoke to and what their title and position is, etc.
Do not be afraid to ask questions… this is your sweet child !


I would start with a letter to your district’s director of special education. Request the service, describe what you have in mind, and most importantly, explain why you think it would be helpful for your son. Describe your concerns about how he is doing in school.