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Janice:  I have a child in my class who severley disrupts the whole class to the extent where it IS having a negative impact on the students who want to learn. This is a daily problem , the school seem unwilling to do anything constructive yet they know this is having a negative affect on the other students, what can i do, i want my students to learn and get the best education possible

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My son is 5 years old he has intellectual disability. He loves to hug and touch other people he is really friendly and tries to make friends. There is this one classmate who keeps scratching him the classmate has autism. I know many people who have autism that dislike being touched and I understand the students reaction. My son keeps going after his classmate wanting to be friend but my son doesn’t understand that he doesn’t want to get touch so he gets scratch again. The classmate started scratching in the arms nowhis moving to the face.His had pretty deep scratches that have left scaring. He has come home with scratches on his face under the eye area and I just don’t like him getting scratched I’ve talked to the teacher/principal/district about this but the problem still isn’t resolved.


I suggest that in writing & at an IEP meeting, you request that a behavior specialist, & Autism specialist observe the children, & develop a plan to address this situation. If this does not work, you can make a complaint using the district’s complaint procedure or use the special ed dispute resolution process.


You are describing a situation where the other student’s learning is impacted & this student is not getting the help & support that they need. Teachers are also to get the support that they need to deal with a student’s needs. You have the right to request an IEP meeting to address the student’s & your needs. You can also share this with the special ed supervisor who works with your campus, or the special ed director.


My non special needs son (10th grade) was hit by a special needs child. Glasses were ruined and special needs child can’t be punished. My son will be punished for shouting at the teacher. So long story short, my son will be punished and its going to cost me $400.00 for new glasses and the special needs child gets nothing. What are my son’s rights? I expect to have the school call me today regarding the incident and the special needs child’s mother is also a teacher at this school in Michigan. Any suggestions? I don’t plan to sue or do anything like that. Would just like some feed back and what to expect when I have my meeting with the school about my son’s punishment.


Under some circumstances a child with a disability can receive some type of consequences. That happens frequently in TX. You might want to research your state rules on this. Schools generally have exemption from financial liability for situations like this. A parent could certainly agree to some payment for what their child did. It is also possible that the state, & district rules give the principal some flexibility in the consequences they give your child.