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Aileen: Can students without evaluations legally receive academic accommodations at a private school, such as extended time, testing in a quiet room, or having tests read aloud? The students need the accommodations, but the parents won’t have them evaluated. Thanks.

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I agree with Wrightslaw on this. And note that 504 accommodations can be provided without there even being a written 504 plan!

(However, it will be easier to get these accommodations in college if they are in a written plan for some years prior to starting college.)

Try to figure out what is holding the parents back. Are they concerned about the possible negative effects of labeling? If so, you may be able to compromise and find a label they are more comfortable with. Initially, I was uncomfortable with ADHD, because of that word “disorder”. We compromised on Executive Function. I figured, if my child came across the paperwork by accident, he would imagine himself sitting in a big leather chair behind a big fancy desk.

Aileen, there is no legal reason why children who attend private schools can’t receive academic accommodations. Many private special ed schools provide academic accommodations without requiring an evaluation.