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RIchelle:  My daughter has chronic migraines, and frequently has had to leave school or has missed entire days because of her migraines. We have tried several different methods of controlling them, and are now on botox treatments and acupuncture, which are showing promise. We got a 504 plan, which didn’t include everything that she needed, and is now at least in part not being followed. A few weeks after the 504 plan went into affect, the attendance clerk refused to allow my husband or I to excuse her from school. Every time she is counted as unexcused, even though we sign her out from school or she misses and we communicate with the school. The unexcused absences affect her ability to participate in winterguard (extracurricular activity), but the attendance clerk will not budge from the district attendance policy. If I or my husband take her home from school, even though she is obviously in severe pain, the absence is not excused unless we go to the doctor and get a note. This is expensive, and insulting to us and aggravating to the doctor since we have a treatment plan. We’ve tried communicating with the principal, and haven’t gotten a response yet, and it was mentioned to my daughter that she transfer out of the school to an alternative school or homeschool, which was devastating to her. What do we do or who should we go to besides the district level to find a resolution?

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Have you resolved this? I am having a similar issue. My daughter has immune deficiency & a note at beginning of year given by doctor explaining issue & will be absent more. If you have had any success please let me know.


It has improved, but not completely resolved. We had a second meeting with my daughter’s counselor, one of the assistant principals and the attendance liaison for our school from the district. Her 504 was adjusted somewhat, and it was supposed to have been worked out with the attendance clerk at the school to allow us to call her out or take her home if necessary and have it excused without all the extra expense. The attendance clerk followed it for about a week, and is now going back to her old habits/harassment. We’ve also had to deal with a couple of issues that have come up with an extra-curricular activity and her “eligibility”. Hang in there!


The very same thing is happening with my niece and sports eligibility. She has ADD and severe anxiety, this causes her to miss a lot of school and playing sports helps her to feel involved and make friends. She’s been told that her grades make her ineligible. Its a real problem because now her anxiety over not belonging is worse than ever.