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Tina:  My daughter is going through the early stages of “diagnosis” in the public schools (she is in 5th grade)-she has struggled with school since first grade. The school conducted preliminary evals in first grade and determined she wasn’t eligible for services. She has social skill deficits, anxiety and behaviors that kept her sitting under a table for most of her first grade year, destroying school property (books etc). But the school said it wasn’t impacting her learning = no services. I told them it would resurface later. It has. She is having an awful 5th grade year. Her teacher told us the she feels “helpless” in assisting my daughter. They put her in a 90 minute “time out” outside of the classroom to “think” about her behavior, it was only moderately supervised. I kept her out of school yesterday…what do I do next when the school doesn’t feel capable….i have lost faith in them. the 90 min time out, I believe, was against state regulations. Help?!?

  1. Help! My child has Aspergers and has trouble connecting with peers. He recently hit another child is out of the closet this is a high school. School suspended him for a week after determining that he knew what he was doing. That Thursday the school (Private) decided to expel him and considered this a hate crime. Parents of the other child are actively looking to press charges against my child. My child does not have a BIP as he has never had these behaviors before. What can I do to help him?

  2. I am so sorry your daughter has to go through this! My 5th son also have behavioral issues and I have had to aggressively advocate for him over the years. Definitely document your concerns with an email or letter. Have you asked for an FBA as part of your evaluation? That may shed some light on what is going on with your daughter and how to help her.

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