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stace:  My granddaughter was accused of bullying, but she is the one being targeted. She has been found to “meet the threshold” of bullying a classmate.
Both are 10 years old. Both girls.
My granddaughter’s actions are 1.answering a question honestly when asked by the “target” and 2. turning away from the “target” and friends following her away from the “target”.
The target follows, initiates contact with my granddaughter.

Since walking away and answering a question honestly “make a pattern of not being nice and meets the threshold of bullying,” how do i protect my granddaughter from the “target” seeking her out to possibly set her up again to fail and do something unacceptable in the school’s eyes?

  1. Help please! My son has Autism and is Emotionally Disturbed. Recently he was being picked on by some peers in his 4th grade class. He tries to tell the teacher but she ignores him and tells him she does not want to hear it. One day he finally had enough and pushed one of the bullies in the face. My son then gets suspended and the other child gets no discipline at all. Son has a behavior plan but school does not follow it at all. I requested a meeting with the school to find out what was going on. At this meeting it got heated as my son was accused of bullying the other kids that picked on him! I am furious with this school. They are doing nothing to help my child. I just got a letter from the school saying he cannot come back! HELP!

  2. Find out what the district policy & procedures are regarding reports of bullying. Report the bullying of your granddaughter, & monitor if the administrator follows the policy. Districts should have a policy on appealing campus decisions.

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