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Steve:  I have a grandson who has attended a private school since pre school until now in third grade. He has an impeccable behavior record and oddly good grades. He has been tested extensively last year and has dyslexia. He reads below grade level but does well otherwise. We pay extra for a reading specialist at the school. They have refused to give him a contract for next year saying they cannot meet his needs.
We very much want him to continue as he is making good progress. The issue to me is that he maybe requires some extra work for the teachers.
Is this discrimination against his disability illegal?

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Sharon L.
03/28/2016 7:37 pm

Private schools do not have to follow the IDEA law regarding special ed. That is only required in public schools.

03/28/2016 5:19 pm

I cannot speak to the legal issues. The words “cannot meet the needs and not a good fit” are careful words to consider from a private school regardless if the child has reading issues or not. A few years ago, I was upset when a private school (after we spent money on their summer program which included SBRI) told us that they could not meet my child’s needs (dyslexia) for the school year and would not grant admissions. We had applied to the school. Why would I want my child in an environment that did not consider her a “good fit or meet her needs”? My child thrived in a different school environment where she met kids with and without reading issues. The other school embraced her and considered her a “good fit” and supported her through the years.