Can an SLP Do an FBA?

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My child receives speech therapy services from an SLP. The SLP feels my child’s behavior has an adverse affect on his learning (more so than his speech impairment).

His SLP wants to conduct an FBA to determine the underlying conditions?  Can he do this?

Some students who have speech problems may also have behavior problems that need to be evaluated.

However, a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) should NOT attempt to do a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) unless he has the training to do so.

If your son’s SLP has observed behavior problems, a trained evaluator or behavior analyst may obtain information or a report from the SLP as part of the assessment.

FBAs include interviews and observations in different environments, and may include manipulating environment events.

An FBA should be conducted by a person who has been well-trained on collecting and analyzing this type of information.

Directly manipulating environment events should be conducted “only by a well-trained behavior analyst or someone else with a high degree of training and experience” because they can pose a danger to the child if not done correctly.

Please read this article by Dr. Stephen Starin about Functional Behavioral Assessments – What, Why, When, Where, and Who?

Advise the IEP team that you believe an FBA is needed and why.

In Chapter 7, Wrightslaw: All About IEPs, you will find a Sample Letter to Request a Functional Behavioral Assessment and Positive Behavior Support Plan.

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08/27/2012 4:00 pm

My question after reading this is: Assuming that the SLP does not have the qualifications, but the district insists that they be allowed to do a FBA, but won’t say who will do it, what then? Can parents somehow restrict in some fashion the assessor so that he/she is qualified?

Is our only recourse ask for an IEE after the fact?

(I had considerable experience where the district refuses to specify who, what, or how an assessment will be done. Their typical exchange of information form reads “Between XXXX school district and any private provider.”)