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Camille:  My son has been put out of school numerous times and has behavioral problems. they restrained him. What should I do?

  1. Hello, my daughter is in Maryland and has an IEP and a BIP. Last week she was not behaving in school and she told me two school personnel grabbed her arms when she was sitting down and drug her to the office while she was kicking and screaming. I found a bruise on her arm and took a picture. I requested to see the video surveillance and I was told no due to privacy. Then they said yes but the video is of poor quality due to old wires and systems. I could clearly see in the video my daughter was telling the truth. I had contacted the police prior and nothing has been done except they talked to the superintendent. Last year my daughter came home with many bruises, the chair was pulled from under her and her arms grabbed. She’s not getting her much needed speech and language services as well.

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