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LC: I believe our district is trying to get away with not providing accommodations for an after school club sponsored by the PTA. They say that they only provide accommodations for school sponsored events. Is the PTA really not considered school sponsored?

  1. My daughter is severe anxiety causing school refusal. We are in the process of getting her classified with an IEP and alternative placement into a therapeutic school. She wants to attend Prom. She is currently in an alternative High School (night school), but it is not working out because she still has severe anxiety attending this alternative high school. Her principal says if she attends her alternative high school she can attend Prom. Since she has a disability, can they do that?

    • I think he is trying to motivate her in a way that will help her make progress. Is he correct -not fully. If she has school refusals then think about this—prom can be stressful, cliquey, fun, full of peer pressure, loud, students are on social media sharing their outfits even days and weeks before prom, great photos, and causes some anxiety. Can this motivate her more to fulfill school requirements? Think long term. Some coaches use sports with athletes who have behavioral issues in the classrooms. The goal is to participate in the sport so they must fulfill the academics and not skip classes, etc. Could the same work with your daughter? Maybe, they can take smaller steps with her on this but it is not a bad plan as she is older. The school counselor may provide more insight.

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