Why Schools Usually Say “No!”

My son is going to middle school. Same district, new school, just blocks apart. His 1:1 (same para for 3 years) has been the best thing that has come into his life ever. We want his para to follow him to middle school. The Special Education Director says this para can not follow him. He will have a few different paras at his new school. Can we get around this? When parents ask for a …Read more

Why Parents Should Get an Independent Evaluation

Last week we told parents to find an expert to evaluate your child and make strong recommendations about your child’s communication needs. We also  said… If you, a parent says, “My child needs an iPad”, that’s the last device the school will consider. Even if you were an AT expert, it would be hard because you are the parent first, and schools do not want to “give in” to parents. Dad2Luke commented, “I’m having a …Read more

Walk in the School’s Shoes: Help them WANT to Help Your Child

As a parent, your ultimate goal is to educate school personnel so they want to help your child. The most important ability to use in resolving problems with the school is to put yourself in the shoes of the people on the other side and answer these questions: * How do they see the problem? (their perceptions) * What do they feel and believe? (their beliefs) * What do they want? (their interests) * What …Read more