Reading Comprehension Programs and Assessments

My son has high functioning autism.  He is a middle schooler, reading 2 years below grade level. He has difficulty in comprehension and inferencing, but not decoding.  The school uses the Jamestown Reading Navigator.  Is this an effective program? This is a link to the Jamestown Reading Navigator and to the program overview. The research studies are here: The most research-based and proven reading comprehension program on the planet is only useful when …Read more

Testing for Dyslexia – What Tests Do You Use?

My son is in the 5th grade Resource Room. He has problems with reading and writing. I’m curious about dyslexia. What type of doctor can test him? What tests do they use? To my knowledge there is not one specific “test” for dyslexia. Evaluation is based on the “clinical judgment” of a psychologist, by the way a child tests on a battery of tests. How Children Learn to Read…