Yes or No? IEP Meetings Can Only Be 1 Hour Long

I’ve been a special ed teacher for 25 years.  I have questions about two things my Supervisor told me this year. 1. An IEP meeting cannot last more than one hour.  If the time runs over, I must stop the meeting and reschedule another one. 2.  No times were completed on the IEP, but I must sign it anyway. You’ve been a sped teacher for 23 years so you’ve probably heard or been told things that you later learned were not accurate. I’m glad you decided to check this out. When you say the “times on the IEP were not …Read more

Where Can I Find a Sample IEP Form?

Are there forms or examples available for 504 Plans and IEP’s? How do I get them? To provide guidance about how to implement IDEA 2004, the Education Department publishes topics briefs, model forms and other publications and documents. Model IEP Form When the IDEA 2004 Regulations were published in the Federal Register, the Education Deparment also published a Model IEP Form.  For special education services, related services, supplementary aids and services, and modifications and supports, the model IEP form requires: the projected date for the beginning of services the anticipated frequency of services location of services duration of services