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Should Kids Use Recorders or Cameras to Monitor Their Teachers?

by Wrightslaw

camera in the classroomA few days ago, a parent asked how she could prove that her child was receiving instruction from the aide, not the teacher. Another parent suggested that she put a video camera or recording device in her child’s backpack so the child could gather evidence to support the parent’s claim.


We NEVER recommend that parents . . . . . . ask, allow, or encourage their children to monitor their teachers.

First, you would put your child in the position of spying on his teacher or letting his parent down. Who will he betray? Putting your child in this position would cause incredible anxiety and guilt. Second, if the child is caught (and the odds of getting caught are extremely high), the child will be in very hot water. Third, no one will ever trust you or your child again – and rightfully so. Finally, your child would be viewed as a snitch and a sneak, and may never live this reputation down. Your child would suffer more than you.

Questions about who is teaching a child and what the child is being taught are common in our cases. There is a simple solution.

The private sector expert who evaluated the child observes the child’s program and talks with the teacher. The evaluator has expertise about this child and her needs, the program she needs, if the program being provided is appropriate., if the teacher is adequately trained and is implementing the program properly.

Unlike a parent or child, the evaluator is in a position to provide a report or testimony about the program and how it is being implemented.

Can Parents Observe Their Children’s Classrooms? Stay tuned…

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21 Comments on "Should Kids Use Recorders or Cameras to Monitor Their Teachers?"


So your article comes off as more caring about a child being called a liar or snitch then the actual or possible outcome that horrible things are taking place in the classroom?

Your article is “inadequate” and contains horrible and flawed thinking.

Schools should have CAMERAS installed in each hall, staircase, classroom, and anywhere else that’s legally viable that will serve as evidence.

A school will have nothing to fear or hide if they didn’t do anything they weren’t supposed to in the first place.

Sharon L.

Yolanda, First of all you are able to request copies of your child’s records &only pay a nominal fee for copies. .50 cents a sheet is robbery. I hope you have an attorney for the due process hearing. It is difficult to represent yourself. Once the court decides who wins you can never use the evidence that you used on the school again or go to due process for that same issue again. As far as the evaluation goes all requests should be made in writing & you must sign the school’s consent form or they do not have to be complete in 60 days. We found this out the hard way by requesting an evaluation in writing but not signing their consent form. They did not do the evaluation until I found out from someone else I needed to sign the consent form. I was furious with them for not telling me about it.


My son’s school will not allow me to view his school records..I requested a due process hearing, which the records were suppose to be sent to me prior to the due process resolution meeting and they weren’t sent. The superintendent informed me the records cost .50 cents per page..I have requested the records fax, which was dated and stamped. I also, informed the IEP team, which I am experiencing a hardhip, because I only receive assistance from the government, but still have not received my son’s medical records..Also, why don’t ya’ll or anyother special education program offer classes online..I am unable to attend because I have a disabled, who had a malignant baseball size tumor located in the left temporal lobe, which the teacher and para esculates his behavior.I requested a Neuropsychological exam but got no results..

Elizabeth Z.

But can a parent use a video recording device to observe their child under the following conditions?: 1) the teacher and the school administration is completely informed that this will be happening; and 2) the device used will not record – it transmits in real time while the parent observes from another room (like a video baby monitor). I would like to do this because I believe my presence in the room changes my son’s behavioral dynamics, but a different person in the room observing on my behalf will not gather the nuances of his behavior that I am trying to learn.


‘Should Kids Use Recorders or Cameras to Monitor Their Teachers?’

Answer: Teachers should use cameras to protect themselves from students… period. Today’s children are disrepectful, rude and have a sense of entitlement as if they know more than their teachers. Today’s children are a threat to teachers and should be stopped.