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Got Questions? Wrightslaw Has Answers!


Looking for information on Watch the video “Wrightslaw Provides Answers to Your Questions.” You’ll find the video at the top of our main Wrightslaw page. Pete created a five minute overview about how to find: the statute cases pleadings articles and more… In this video, Pete will walk you through how to find information […]


Did You Complete the Parent Advocacy Self-Study? Download Your Certificate!

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We hope you enjoyed our Self-Study Summer Advocacy Series. Download your Certificate If you did not have a chance to finish, you can still review and catch up. Advocacy Program for the New Parent – the 7 “Ps” Week 1 – Your Advocacy Game Plan Week 2 – Read One Book a Month Week 3 […]

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Self-Study Week 5: Help Others! Become an Advocate

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Step #1: New parent advocates need to plan and prepare, learn information, and develop strategies. Step #2: New parent advocates need opportunities to practice advocacy skills. Offer to go to IEP Team meetings with other parents. Offer to be a friendly face at the table. Explain that you are trying to learn. When you attend […]

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Advocacy Self-Study Week 4: Link Up With Other Advocates

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In our self-study series for new advocates, we’ve posted about what you need to learn and what skills you need to acquire. Last week we posted 10 tips for good advocates. This week – two more tips. Good advocates link up with other advocates and ask questions! The best way to become a good advocate […]

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Learn How to Ask the 5 W’s + H + E Questions

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When you attend meetings with school personnel, you will meet staff who will tell you what to do and how to solve your problems (AKA Know-it-Alls). They view themselves as experts and do not realize how they appear to others. They are persistent people who will fight until they prevail. They will get defensive and […]

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Self-Study Week 3: Tips for Good Advocates

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The law gives parents power to use in educational decisions for their children. Parents should not be afraid to use their power. But, there are better ways to obtain positive results than to roar through IEP meetings in a Mack Truck. Parents are often dealing with personal obstacles – lack of information, isolation, and emotions. […]

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Self-Study Week 2: Read One Book a Month Plan

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So you want to be an advocate for your child! What do you need to learn? What skills do you need to acquire? Parents are far more likely to succeed when they negotiate for special education services when they – 1. are knowledgeable about their children’s rights (and their own rights and responsibilities) 2. know […]

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Your Advocacy Game Plan – Week 1

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Plan and Prepare As a parent, you negotiate with the school for services. To be a successful negotiator, you must understand the system and how it works. Many parents don’t realize that school systems are bureaucracies. Parents often don’t know how important decisions are made – or by whom. Improve Your Advocacy Skills If you […]

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Self-Study Advocacy Program for the New Parent – the 7 “Ps”

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Until now, parents have been barred from effective advocacy by lack of information and isolation. The Internet is changing the status quo. Over the next several months, our blog posts will provide a self-help study plan that good parent advocates need to have. You’ll learn how to plan and prepare to be an effective advocate, […]

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Discontinuing Services? Not So Fast!!


My 12 yr old daughter has had an IEP for 5 years for deficits in written communication skills.  A year before we were scheduled for a triennial evaluation, the school requested a data review. Since she makes As and does well in school, the school intends to drop her IEP and discontinue services. NOT SO […]

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