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What People Are Saying About . . .
Wrightslaw: Special Education Law

Special Educators
Parents / Advocates/ 
Educ. Consultants

Special Educators & Psychologists
"A great resource for parents and professionals!” Michael B. Brown, Ph. D, North Carolina
“. . . a valuable resource for school psychologists -- and required reading for my graduate course about legal and ethical issues for school psychologists . . . Parents are often at a disadvantage because they do not know the law. With this book as a reference, parents can be fully participating members of the special education team."

"If you are involved with special education, you should read this book." Sandra Koser Steingart, Ph.D, School Psychology Resources Online. In this practical, affordable book . . . the full text of IDEA 97 interspersed with valuable comments on the law and its interpretation . . . Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act, landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decisions are also presented and discussed.

“A must have book for anyone who works in Special Education.” Margaret J. Kay, Ed.D. Psychologist, Pennsylvania. "Having observed first-hand Peter Wright's prowess in a hearing . . . he brings Special Education Law into focus through clear, concise use of normal language."

"Excellent guide. Well organized." Bill Matthew, Ph.D., Director of Special Education, Delano, CA.  Regular and special educators need to equate the terms "appropriate" and "research-based" - they should not be mutually exclusive.

Parents, Advocates & Educational Consultants
“A must have for any parent fighting for services!” Steven Metz (, New York
"As an active advocate . . . for children with Attention Deficit Disorder, this is the first book I turn to for help. This is not just another rehash of old ideas. I don't think you need this book. I know you need this book."

“Makes you feel you have an attorney at the IEP table with you!" Janie Bowman ( Olympia, WA
"Save your sanity and your time! Empowers parents to navigate special ed law. An "all-in-one-place" reference book to use when faced with confusing regulations and intimidating school officials.”

"One of most important how-to manuals ever written."  Thom Hartmann (author of ADD: A Different Perception; Beyond ADD; Healing ADD; The Prophet's Way, and more) “Will help navigate through special education, and use the law to demand/get a good education for your child."

"What I would have given for such a wonderful resource at IEP meetings for my sons!" Sandra Britt, Past President, Learning Disabilities Association of America. "Never again should a parent go to an IEP meeting, mediation or due process hearing without being fully informed and prepared."

“One stop shopping for Special Education Law!” Patricia L. Howey, Special Education Consultant, Indiana ( " . . . the pertinent education laws, codes, regulations, and landmark special education cases in one manual that fits easily into a briefcase for IEP meetings, hearings, appeals, mediations, workshops, conferences and  seminars . . . a 'must have' for advocates, parents, and attorneys who want a 'one-stop shopping' legal resource."

". . . straightforward and direct, infused with the empathy and passion for children and youth with disabilities, their educational welfare, and their rights under special education law." Jamie Ruppman, advocate and mother of two sons with disabilities.

“This should be the first tool in the advocate’s toolbox!” Malcolm B. Higgins II, Attorney
"As a practicing attorney-advocate for children with special education needs, my interest began with one of my daughters, a child with a disability. . . With this new book, parents and attorneys have the actual law at their fingertips to dispel misinformation and (sadly) disinformation from administrators in local school systems.

 “The Special Education ‘Bible’” Sonja Kerr, Esq. from Minnesota (
“ . . . a wonderful resource for parents, their advocates and attorneys who need fast references and quick answers to special education legal problems! It’s simple, understandable and handy to keep in one's briefcase.”

“Most useful all around resource for special ed advocates.” Judith A. Gran ( from Philadelphia, PA
“Distilling the essence of the law into a manual that lawyers and advocates can use to navigate their way through the substantive and procedural thicket of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a formidable achievement.”

". . . I have wished for years for a treatise like this to which I could refer general practitioners, advocates and even the more experienced lawyer.

"If you represent parents and special education students in due  process hearings, this is the manual you want to keep on your desk, with an extra copy in your briefcase to take to hearings. It's an invaluable resource.”

“A “must-have” resource in Special Education!” Yvonne M. Husic, Esq., Harrisburg, PA.
"For attorneys, parents who have children with disabilities, and parent/child advocates . . an easy-to-carry copy of the statutes at your fingertips . . . makes a difficult statute easy to understand!"

“This book saved me hours of frustrating research.” Sharon S. England, Attorney at Law (
"I wish this book was available when I first started practicing special education law!  . . . the laws and regulations, helpful explanations, and a comprehensive index that allows the reader (parent, teacher or lawyer) to pinpoint key issues with ease . . . provides a great springboard for more thorough research. I take it to child study, eligibility and IEP meetings."

"Don't go to a hearing or school IEP meeting without it!" William Laviano, Esq. (, Ridgefield, CT
As an attorney, I have handled literally hundreds of special education matters. Before this book, I had to carry an armful of materials to hearings or IEP meetings. Now it’s all in one paperback volume and in language the non-lawyer can understand (and even lawyers), laced with wisdom from the Wrights’ years as pioneers in this specialized field of law."

"This is like taking a mini-course on the law at one’s own pace." William F. Byrne, Esq.

"The law and regulations with succinct and insightful observations and guidance!" S. James Rosenfeld, Esq., EdLaw Center. "A valuable tool for every parent and advocate."

"Anyone who teaches special education at the post-secondary level will find this an invaluable resource." Quentin L. Griffey, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Special Education, Pfeiffer University. "Administrators and educators in every school should have access to the timely information included in each chapter."

"I tell parents 'Don't leave home for a meeting at your child's school without it.'" Rosa A. Hagin, Ph.D. (Learning Disabilities Association of America Professional Advisory Board, Diplomate, American Board of Professional Psychology). "You never lose sight of the real beneficiaries of these laws - the students and their families."

"Concise, clear description of what the law means," Douglas Carnine, Ph.D., National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators. " . . . of value to every interested individual, from parents to university professors."

" . . . detailed, insightful analysis of the legal requirements . . . includes useful information from educational research and practical tips for dealing with school systems." Mark C. Weber, Professor of Law, DePaul University, author of Special Education Law and Litigation Treatise.

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