2019 Summer School Session 2: Transition Assessments

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ISSN: 1538-320
July 9, 2019

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Summer School Series

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Want Good Transition Goals? Use Age Appropriate Transition Assessments!

  • Will your child have the knowledge and skills he needs when he leaves school?
  • How can you ensure that he is prepared to get a job or go to college?
  • Will he be able to live independently and participate in the community?

Transition assessments are a step to helping your child set goals for the future.

Bottom line: Like so much in life, before trying to create a treatment plan, get the data first. - Pete Wright

The right tests will provide information that is needed to create a good transition plan.

In this issue, Summer School Session 2, you will learn how to help the team select appropriate tests for your child's transition assessments. Find out what tests should be included in the assessment plan for your child.

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What is my Parental Role in Transition Assessments?

As a parent, you have an important part in the transition assessment process.  You have a unique perspective about your child.

When you share information about your child with the IEP team, you help the team select appropriate tests for the transition assessment.

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Measuring Interests to Aptitudes

IDEA requires measurable transition goals in your child's IEP that are based on age appropriate transition assessments.

Transition assessments identify your child's unique interests, strengths, preferences, and priorities for adult living.

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Homework Assignment

Learn how to plan your child's Transition Assessment.

You and your child's IEP team should know how to select appropriate tests and assessments in many areas.

1. Download and use this Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Toolkit

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Tests & Inventories for Transition Assessment

Wrightslaw: All About Tests and Assessments, 2nd Edition

Chapter 14: Transition Assessments, page 135.

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