Summer School 2016: Session 3
Tape-Recording IEP Meetings

Transcribing Follow-Up Letters

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In This Issue ...

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August 16, 2016

Do you and the school disagree over your child's IEP?

  • School's assessment not complete?
  • Proposed IEP goals not appropriate?
  • Effective reading program not available?

If you disagree with the school district on many issues, it's time to write a "level two" follow-up letter.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate learn how to write a "level two" follow-up letter when you and the school district disagree. Get a sample letter and learn how to document all your concerns in all areas.

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Follow-Up Letter Documenting Disagreement with the IEP

When there are many points of disagreement, it is very difficult to recall everything that happened at the IEP meeting.

Write this type of follow-up letter when you disagree with the team on many issues.

Use the notes you made from your recording to ensure that you included all important issues or facts in your letter.


Your Follow-Up Letter Should...

  • be polite and cordial
  • state accurate facts
  • note what participants actually said
  • avoid demands and threats
  • don't blame or make judgements

Be as specific as you want to be. Federal law does not require parents to explain exactly why they disagree with a school district’s evaluations.


Sample Letter: Disagreements with the School

What is wrong with this school? No proven reading intervention for individuals with dyslexia! What are you doing with the extra money you get?

The school redecorated the office with ergonomic chairs and desks for staff. Is that where the Reading First money is going?” 

Caution! Avoid emotional outbursts! Get a sample level-two follow-up letter.


Session 3: Homework Assignment

1. Review the tape-recording of your last IEP meeting. If you did not tape, review your notes.

2. Use your recording and notes to ensure you do not omit any important details.

3. Write a follow-up letter to document all your concerns and all areas where you disagreed with the school members of the IEP team.

We will use a 20 point checklist to review your letter to ensure you have included all of the correct elements.


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