The IEP Team & Your Child - A Unique Approach

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October 6, 2015

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boy in class at deskAnne Treimanis and Kathleen Whitbread recommend the following:

  • Discuss IEPs with your child
  • Ask your child what he wants in his IEP
  • Bring your child (and his siblings, for support) to the IEP meeting

Some parents use video to introduce their child - and their child's "unique needs" to the IEP team.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you'll find strategies to resolve problems early, tools for creating a positive parent-school relationship, more tips to help your child have a good year -- you'll even learn how to make a video.

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kids and teacher in class

Introduce Your Child to the Teacher and Class

Great job if you and your child met the teacher before school started. Now is a good time to ask for a brief follow-up meeting to go over progress and address any problems.

Parent Advocate Debbie Larson advises, "offer to come into the classroom to talk with the other students and introduce your child." 

IEP Video

Introduce Your Child to the IEP TEAM

Find out how one mother created a video that had a huge impact on the IEP Team meeting. It was a great success!

He's a Child -- Not a Label! Learn how to make a video to introduce your child to the team.

More IEP and Inclusion Tips for Parents and Teachers


school meeting

Prepare to Deal with School Problems Early

Sometimes schools and parents disagree. Your child's teacher may not understand her unique needs and or provide the necessary services, accommodations and supports. Address any overt problems immediately.

In When Parents and Schools Disagree, Dr. Ruth Heitin describes common areas of disagreement between parents and schools and offers suggestions and strategies to handle these problems.


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