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ISSN: 1538-320
July 12, 2016

Everyday, people just like you, Ask the Advocates.

Asking questions: A good strategy for identifying win-win solutions.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate find out what questions parents are asking, meet the advocates who answer these questions, and learn their creative solutions and helpful advice on special education issues.

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Question: Should we threaten to sue the school over the placement decision?

First – NO threats.

You should never say anything that you cannot “back up.” Never say or ask for things unless...

I never say anything in an IEP meeting that I am not prepared to do. You should never say anything that you cannot “back up” with data, statistics or documentation.

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Question: Should I hire an advocate?

Parents who are looking for a special education lay advocate must follow the doctrine of “let the buyer beware." Here are some tips that may help parents choose carefully.

10 Tips for Finding an Advocate by Indiana Advocate Pat Howey.


Question: What can I do to enforce IDEA and ensure they implement the IEP?

Here are some ways to require enforcement of IDEA within your school.

Tips about what to do...


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