Can the IEP Team Prepare a Draft IEP?

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November 17, 2015

Sharing information leads to healthier working relationships between parents and school personnel - and better IEPs for children. Shared information may include draft IEPs, evaluations, written reports, and parent agendas prepared by the parents.

IEP meetingBut . . .

"It is not permissible for an agency to have the final IEP completed before an IEP Team meeting begins." (Commentary, FR 46678)

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you'll learn that draft IEPs are not set in stone. Find out why IEP Teams should only use drafts -with caution!

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Can the IEP Team Prepare a "Draft" IEP?

IDEA 2004 discourages the use of draft IEPs because they send a message that parental concerns and parental participation are not valued.

In Can the IEP Team Prepare a "Draft IEP?", Pat Howey describes the pros and cons and how you can turn a lemon (draft IEP) into lemonade.


IEP meeting

How Draft IEPs Change the Dynamics of Team Meetings

IEP online software has introduced a shift in perspectives at IEP meetings. The team focuses on the form, not on the child. They have changed the way schools and parents interact.



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Different Kids - Identical IEPs

Using state-wide computer based programs that generate “pull down menu” IEPs results in goals and objectives that DO NOT match the needs of the child

They DO match the programs the school district already has in place.


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