Memorial Day Salute to our Military Families

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May 26, 2015


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girl with soldier dadThis Memorial Day many people gathered on lawns and porches, fired up the grill, and enjoyed the company of family, friends, and neighbors. But Memorial Day is also a time to reflect on and pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and their families.

Many of these military families have exceptional children with special educational needs who receive special education services under an IEP.

The peak season for relocation of military families is May through August. During this time, military children face difficult issues, including transfers in and out of schools, while often dealing with other emotions.

We salute our military families. This issue of the Special Ed Advocate provides information for military families and for those who are being transferred and may be moving this summer. You'll find additional information for all families about summer programs for kids.

Please don't hesitate to forward this issue to friends, family members, or colleagues.

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videoPCS Moves & "Comparable IEPs"

Pete Wright explains when your child is entitled to a "comparable IEP." Learn about PCS, DoDI's, MIC3 and the differences between the Dept of Defense Instructions and IDEA 2004. The Military Child with Special Needsvideo


Military & DoD Special Education


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No Final Action on Proposed Regulations

Proposed Regulations! The Department of Defense has issued proposed revisions to their special education regulations. Final Regs have not been issued as of May 26, 2015.

The present regs do not provide for a child with a disability who moves from a public school with an IEP to a DoDEA school to be entitled to a "comparable" IEP.


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Summer Camps, Youth Programs for Military Kids & Kids with Special Needs

Operation Purple Camps offer summer fun for military kids with parents who have been, are currently, or will be deployed. Check to see if Operation Purple Camps still have space this summer.

Looking for camps for a child with special educational needs? Check our Youth Programs and Summer Camps page for links to camp directories for all kids.


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