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June 7, 2011

Thinking about ways to prevent your child from regressing this summer? To find a good summer program or camp, you need to do research and ask the right questions.

This issue of the Special Ed Advocate includes strategies to help you find quality educational programs, camps, and tutors. You'll also learn about the new Wrightslaw e-books, and how you can save 35% to 50% on selected Wrightslaw products.

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Strategies to Find Summer Programs & Camps

Many children benefit from specialized educational programs, camps, and/or tutoring during the sumer. To find quality programs, you'll need to learn ...

  • Questions to ask
  • Pros and cons of different programs and camps
  • Strategies to find a good learning program or camp

The info and resources on Youth Programs and Summer Camps will help.


New! Wrightslaw E-Books, for the Kindle, Nook, iPad

Two best-selling Wrightslaw books - From Emotions to Advocacy and All About IEPs - are available as e-books for the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other digital readers. The e-books are priced at a 35% discount in the Wrightslaw Store. Not sure which e-book format is right for you? FAQs

50% off Law & Advocacy Training Program

Wrightslaw Special Education Law & Advocacy Training Program on CD-ROM with Pete and Pam Wright (4 sessions, 6.5 hrs.) Suggested retail: $99.95. Wrightslaw Price: $49.95 (You Save $50.)


Tutoring Keeps Kids "Tuned In"

Tutoring sessions are another way to help your child learn during the summer. Find tutors and tutoring program on the Yellow Pages for Kids.

Select your state, then scroll through the listings.

Search Tip: Click Edit (on your browser menu bar), then Click Find (Control F), then type in the word "tutor".


"I Want to Learn How to Make Friends" Social Skills Boot Camp for Teens with ASD

During elementary school, Joe had lots of friends. They were like him — silly and obnoxious. They liked cartoons, rough-housing and toys.

But as time went on, he felt like he wasn't growing up as fast as everyone else. He wasn't interested in what they were. He was confused in conversations.

Wrightslaw on FB, "I Want to Learn to Make Friends" - Social Skills Boot Camp for Teens with ASD.


What People Are Saying About The Special Ed Advocate Newsletter

"Thanks for the trustworthy information and support you provide through the Wrightslaw web site and newsletter. You helped our family act when we needed to - we are thriving now."


Great Products From Wrightslaw

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition, by Pam and Pete Wright Wrightslaw: All About IEPs

Surviving Due Process: Stephen Jeffers v. School Board

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