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July 19, 2005

Issue - 318
ISSN: 1538-3202

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1. Public Hearing on IDEA 2004 Regs: Lessons Learned by Pete Wright

2. Pete's Testimony at Hearing on IDEA Regs

3. Wrightslaw IDEA 2004 Training: Sept 17, 2005

4. Success Story: Saving a Class, Saving Our Children

5. Pre-pub Offer on Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004 Extended to Friday, July 22

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Highlights: Lessons learned from public hearing on IDEA 2004 regulations; Pete's testimony at hearing on regs; Wrightslaw IDEA 2004 training program on September 17; success story - saving a class, saving our children; pre-pub offer on Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004 extended to Friday, July 22.

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1. Public Hearing on IDEA 2004 Regulations: Lessons Learned

Last week, Pete attended the public hearing on the proposed IDEA regulations in Washington, DC.

Lessons from Public Hearing on Proposed IDEA 2004 Regulations, Pete gives a blow-by-blow description of the hearing - the speakers, the panel, the testimony, hot button issues, and his impressions of what people need to do now.

Learn about his terrifying trip home after the hearing ended. Read article.

2. Pete's Testimony About IDEA 2004 Regulations

Pete attended the Public Hearing last week to offer testimony before the Panel. His comments focused on the 60 day timeline between parental consent for evaluation and determination of eligibility. Testimony by Pete Wright,

He requested that proposed regulation 300.301(c) be changed to read: "The initial evaluation and determination whether a child is a child with a disability must be conducted within sixty calendar days of receiving parental consent for the evaluation, or, if the state establishes a shorter timeframe within which the evaluation must be conducted, within that timeframe."

Pete also pointed out that "this proposed regulation conflicts with and is inconsistent with the United States Code." Full text of of testimony.

IDEA 2004 at Wrightslaw will help you find answers to your questions. How the site is currently organized:

3. Wrightslaw IDEA 2004 Training Program in Richmond, VA (September 17, 2004)

On September 17, Pete Wright will do a Wrightslaw IDEA 2004 training program at the University of Richmond.
The program will focus on key provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, emphasizing changes from IDEA 97.

You will learn about the history of special education law, the Congressional Findings and Purposes, and their impact on evaluations, IEPs, and new procedural requirements. You will learn about new requirements for the "Due Process Complaint Notice" and "Resolution (IEP) Session."

You will also learn about issues in the pending Schaffer v. Weast case, and how the decision by the U. S. Supreme Court may shift the balance of power in eligibility and IEP meetings, and in due process hearings. You will learn about the Position Paper from the National Council on Disability about the burden of proof issue raised in the Schaffer case. Download Agenda

Learn more about Wrightslaw IDEA 2004 Training Program - early bird discounts, fees, accommodations, CLEs, and logistics.

Register Online l Mail & Fax Registration

This Wrightslaw IDEA 2004 training program is being sponsored by the Legal Advocacy Center (LAC), the University of Richmond Children's Law Center, and Harbor House Law Press, Inc.

4. Success Story: Saving a Class, Saving Our Children

When administrators announced a plan to change a successful program for exceptional students, parents, kids and teachers were shocked and devastated. They implemented a campaign to save this class - and their children.

In Saving a Class, Saving Our Children, learn about the advocacy strategies these parents used, story-telling and oral persuasion - and what happened after the campaign ended.

In Success Stories, learn how other parents are using strategies, common sense and resources from Wrightslaw to resolve problems and get better services for their children.

5. Special Offer on Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004 Extended to Midnight, Friday, July 22

We received dozens of emails from people who were away from home when we announced the pre-publication offer for Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004. They pointed out that the deadline was unreasonably short, especially for July when many people are on vacation and away from their computers.

These folks are right. The deadline for the special offer is extended to midnight on Friday, July 22.

Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004 is designed to meet the needs of parents, teachers, advocates, attorneys, service providers, psychologists, administrators, professors, hearing officers, and employees of district and state departments of education. Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004 is available as an e-book, a print book, or both.

E-book (162 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", $9.95). Available now. When you purchase the e-book (PDF format), you can download it within minutes. You can read it on your computer or print it out on your printer. There is no shipping or sales tax for e-books.

Print publication
(168 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", perfect bound, $14.95 plus shipping). Ship date: 2nd week of August.

E-book & Print Combo: Get
Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004 as an e-book immediately and the print edition in August ($19.95)

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People who order the E-book & Print Combo ($19.95) before midnight on Friday, July 22 will receive a "$10 Off Coupon" that may be applied to the purchase of Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition. (To be published after the final special education regulations are published in Winter 2005/6)

Learn more about the prepublication offer.

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