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September 15, 2003

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Hurricanes & Rules of Adverse Assumptions

NCLB, School Choice & Tutoring

When Parents & Schools Disagree

Join Pete & Pam on the Mid-Atlantic March (PA, VA, NC)

Help for College Kids

Coming Soon! New Issue of The Beacon

Free Pub: Children with Learning Disabilities

Glossaries of Special Ed & Assessment Terms

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At Wrightslaw, our goals are to help you gain the information and skills you need to navigate the confusing world of special education.

Highlights: Hurricanes and the "rules of adverse assumptions;" NCLB, school choice and tutoring; when parents and schools disagree; join Pete and Pam on the Mid-Atlantic March; help for college kids; new issue of The Beacon; free pub about children with learning disabilities; glossaries of special ed and assessment terms.

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1. Message from the Editor: Hurricanes and Rules of Adverse Assumptions

Folks who attend our training programs learn the Rules of Adverse Assumptions. Pete and Pam are applying the Rules of Adverse Assumptions as we prepare for Hurricane Isabelle.

Hurricanes are dangerous and unpredictable. If you live on the East Coast, please pay attention to Hurricane Isabelle's track. Visit the National Hurricane Center for advisories, forecasts, maps and charts that are updated every six hours. Click Discussion for in-depth information about what the experts think Isabelle will do next.

2. Doing Your Homework: NCLB, Choice & Tutoring by Sue Heath

Children who attend schools that do not make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) may be able to transfer to better performing schools or receive free tutoring and other supplemental services.

Parents need to plan ahead to make this happen.

"If you do not prepare, you will have fewer options. You are likely to find that better-prepared parents took the best schools and tutors for their children. If you plan ahead and do your homework, you can take advantage of opportunities when they arise."

In NCLB, Choice and Tutoring, research editor Sue Heath describes opportunities and challenges in No Child Left Behind for parents, teachers and school leaders.

Read more Doing Your Homework articles by Sue.

Sue is collaborating with Pete and Pam Wright on Wrightslaw: No Child Left Behind that will be published later this year by Harbor House Law Press.

3. When Parents and Schools Disagree by Dr. Ruth Heitin

Dr. Ruth Heitin, an independent educational consultant, writes, "I often tell my clients that if my own parents were alive, they would never understand what I do for a living."

In this article, Dr. Heitin describes common areas of disagreement between parents and schools and offers suggestions and strategies to handle problems.

Does the student have an educationally-related disability? Does the child's disability have an impact on his/her educational performance? Does the child require special education services? Are the special education services effective?

Read When Parents & Schools Disagree.

Read more articles about advocacy.

If you enjoyed this article, you may want to find an educational consultant, advocate or attorney who represents children with disabilities. Read Help! How to Find an Educational Consultant, Advocate, Attorney.

4. Join Pete and Pam on the Mid-Atlantic March (September 20-26)

"Your boot camp was the most useful CLE I've ever attended. CLEs are notoriously boring and unpleasant. Your program was neither and I learned a lot, even as an experienced practitioner in the field." - Rob Mead, KU Wheat Law Library

Please join Pete and Pam on the Mid-Atlantic March. Wrightslaw training programs focus on four areas: special education laws, rights & responsibilities; how to use the bell curve to measure progress & regression; SMART IEPs; and tactics & strategies for effective advocacy.

September 20: Pittsburgh PA

September 23: Annandale VA (Northern Virginia/DC area)

September 26: Charlotte NC

In November, we go to Mississippi and New York:

November 7-8: Jackson MS (Boot Camp)

November 15: Syracuse NY

For more information about these events and programs that will be held over the next few months, please check our Seminars & Training page.

"I attended your Boot Camp with two coworkers. We learned SO MUCH in those two days! Your books could not be more helpful to anyone who works with special education students." - Christie from Kansas

We are now booking programs for 2004. To learn how you can bring Pete & Pam Wright to your community, please read our FAQs about Seminars.

5. Self-Advocacy: Help for College Kids

College-bound students need to learn self-advocacy skills - how to present information about their disability and accommodations so professors want to help. If students master these skills, they are more likely to make a successful transition from high school to college.

"Self-advocacy is the ability to understand and effectively communicate one's needs to other individuals. Learning to become an effective self-advocate is all about educating the people around you. There are three steps to becoming an effective self-advocate . . ."

To learn these steps and how you can be an effective self-advocate, read Self-Advocacy: Know Yourself, Know What You Need, Know How to Get It by Nancy Johnson.

Download, print and distribute the Help for College Students with Disabilities Flyer for information about:

  • Rights and Responsibilities under Section 504
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Keys to Success

6. Coming Soon! New Issue Of The Beacon

The Beacon: The Journal of Special Education Law and Practice is a multi-disciplinary electronic journal of special education law and practice published by Harbor House Law Press.

The Beacon publishes articles and essays for attorneys, advocates and others who are interested in special education law and practice. Each issue focuses on a theme and includes practical and theoretical articles.

The theme of next issue of The Beacon is "Reexamining Rowley, Educational Benefit & FAPE" Previous issues dealt with mediation and negotiation, documents, and expert witnesses. You can read these issues in the Beacon Archives. htm

You may subscribe to The Beacon from the Harbor House Law site.

Learn more about The Beacon.

List of free online newsletters about special education legal issues.

7. Free Pub: Life Success for Children with Learning Disabilities - A Parent Guide

Life Success for Children with Learning Disabilities
by Drs. Marshall H. Raskind and Roberta J. Goldberg is based on research about factors that predicted successful life outcomes for children with learning disabilities.

You will learn about Success Attributes; Self-Awareness; Proactivity; Perseverance; Goal-Setting; Presence and Use of Support Systems; Emotional Coping Strategies; and How a Child Develops Success Attributes.

Learn more about Life Success.

More Free Pubs
about dozens of topics - IEPs, special education, transition planning, reading, children's mental health, harassment, high-stakes testing, retention and social promotion, zero tolerance and discipline.

8. Do You Need a Good Glossary?

Do you teach a class about special education or special ed law? Are you looking for definitions of legal and special ed terms?

Get our Glossary of Special Ed & Legal Terms. In html

In pdf

Do you teach a class about testing? Assessment? Do you have questions about testing terms? Get our Glossary of Assessment Terms In html In pdf

More Free Resources.

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