Moving? Go Shopping!
How to Find a Special Ed Program
Before You Move

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May 24, 2011

How do you move across the country when you have a child with a disability?

Why not go shopping?

Be pro-active. Take matters into your own hands. Do your research and pick the school system to move into. Find a school district that is a good fit for your child.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, you will read what IDEA says about transferring schools. You'll also learn strategies that will help you find a special education program that meets your child’s needs - before you move.

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New Article: Find a Special Ed Program Before You Move - Go Shopping!

As a military family, this is a real issue we must confront every two to four years. When we received the call to move this summer, we knew we had to be pro-active.

All parents, military or civilian, who are preparing to move should :

  • Do your research
  • Get reviews and references
  • Personally interview school personnel
  • Find a program that is the closest match to your child’s needs

In this new article, Elizabeth Schuchs-Gopaul describes what to do if you Want to Find a Special Education Program That Meets Your Child’s Needs Before You Move? Go Shopping.


What IDEA Says About Changing Schools & IEPs

When children with disabilities move to a new different school district – in the same state or a different state – the new school district must provide services that are comparable to the services in the previous IEP.

You'll find what IDEA 2004 says about transfers in Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition, pages 102-103.

Learn more about comparable services and transmittal of records in Changing Schools and IEPs by Pam Wright.


We're Moving - When Should I Tell the School?

The law assumes that the current IEP provides your child with FAPE. It must be implemented without delay.

If the new school believes the IEP provides more services than your child needs, they must conduct new evaluations and develop a new IEP. Does the new school have to provide special education services during this time? Absolutely!

Read Pam Wright's advice about When (and why) You Should Tell the School You are Moving.


Moving This Summer? Tips for Selecting the Right School

If you plan to move or change schools, you need to get reliable information about the schools you are considering.

Learn how to make wise decisions when you select a school in a new community - how to choose the right school, what to look for, what questions to ask...

Read Tips for Selecting the Right School.


What People Are Saying About The Special Ed Advocate Newsletter

"Thanks for the trustworthy information and support you provide through the Wrightslaw web site and newsletter. You helped our family act when we needed to - we are thriving now."


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