Will Your Child Need ESY This Summer?

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March 22, 2011

Extended School Year (ESY) services are designed to help your child maintain his skills rather than lose ground when school is not in session.

ESY is not the same as summer school, summer remedial programs, or child care. ESY is not limited to the summer months.

Will your child regress during the school break this Spring? This break can be a good time to collect data and information to support the need for ESY services to maintain your child's skill level.

Yet, regression-recoupment is not the only standard for determining if your child is eligible for ESY.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, you will find out what ESY is - and is NOT. Learn about the legal standards for ESY, advocacy strategies that will help you negotiate for ESY, and how to overcome roadblocks to ESY services.

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Legal Requirements for ESY Services

What should you do if your child needs ESY but the school does not want to provide these services?

Read Advocacy Strategies: Negotiating for ESY Services by Peter Wright & Pamela Wright.

You will find that Extended School Year (ESY) is not mentioned in the IDEA statute, but is in the IDEA regulations.

As you learn more about ESY, you will find that federal courts describe different standards. Learn what the courts have said about ESY. Caselaw about ESY


ESY Eligibility - When Your Child Needs More Services

Some children with disabilities require special education and related services longer than the usual school year in order to receive FAPE.

In ESY, Regression, and Responding to "Misinformation" from School Administrators, Wrightslaw Research Editor, Sue Whitney, explains that ESY can be used to recoup regression, or to catch your child up to where he should be, or for any other reason the IEP team decides.


ESY Guidelines: DO Your Own Research - DO NOT Accept Everything You Are Told

Do you have a copy of your state guidance on ESY? Check your state criteria for ESY eligibility.

Christine did her research and found that:

  • Determination about ESY is a team decision
  • ESY cannot be limited to particular categories of disability or types of service

Read more about Overcoming Roadblocks to Extended School Year (ESY) Services.

Wrightslaw: All About IEPs

What ESY Looks Like

Thank you for describing what ESY looks like - a critical chapter for families.- Patty Kishi, Vice-President, Autism Bridges Maui

"The school may not unilaterally limit ESY services to a set number of days or hours. ESY services cannot be limited because of financial resources of the school or for administrative convenience."

Learn more about ESY from Wrightslaw: All About IEPs, Chapter 12: Extended School Year (ESY) Services. Get your copy today!

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