What You Need to Know About IEPs:
Legal Requirements

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April 13, 2010

When Congress reauthorized IDEA 2004, requirements for IEPs changed.

IEP season is here and you need to learn, or review, what the law really says. This may be different from what you have been told!

This issue of the Special Ed Advocate provides you with an overview of the significant changes to Individualized Education Programs in IDEA 2004. You will learn about the legal requirements of IEPs.

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Roadmap to the IEP

IDEA 2004, some requirements for the contents of IEPs changed while other requirements remained the same. Congress made key changes to IEPs in several areas, including:

  • content of the IEP
  • IEP meeting attendance
  • IEPs by agreement
  • review and revision of IEPs
  • transition
  • alternate means of participating in IEP meetings

To learn about the changes in the law read Roadmap to the IEP.


IEP Team Meetings and Attendance

Learn about IEP meetings; when team members may be excused from a meeting, and what parents and the school district must do before a team member may be excused. Read IEP Team Members & IEP Team Attendance.

Take the quiz: Who is NOT a Required Member of the IEP Team?


Functional Performance & Goals in IEPs

You need to learn the new legal requirements for present levels of functional performance and functional goals in IEPs.

Do not assume that your child's IEP team is knowledgeable about these requirements. Pat Howey, Indiana advocate and paralegal, tells you What You Need to Know About Functional Goals in IEPs.


Legal Requirements of IEPs

  • Do You feel confused, overwhelmed and anxious at IEP meetings?
  • What is your role at the IEP meeting?
  • What can you do to feel more confident in IEP meetings?

Let Pete & Pam Wright teach you about the Legal Requirements of IEPs.


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