What IDEA 2004 Says about Paraprofessionals

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Do you know what IDEA 04 says about the requirements for paraprofessionals?

When parents request a "one-to-one" paraprofessional for their child, they are often disappointed and frustrated by the school district's response. Parents need to know what they want for their child, how to get it, and the outcomes they expect.

This issue of the Special Ed Advocate explains what IDEA 2004 and NCLB say about paraprofessionals, qualifications of paraprofessionals, and strategies parents can use to make their case for a parapro.

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Wrightslaw Way Blog

What IDEA 2004 Says about Paraprofessionals

Is a paraprofessional qualified to run a "resource room"?

Can a parapro provide "consultant teacher services"?

Sue Whitney, Research Editor at Wrightslaw answers questions about the definition, qualifications, and requirements for paraprofessionals in What IDEA 2004 Says about Paraprofessionals.


How to Request a One-on-one Parapro for your Child

Does your child need one individual who is assigned to work with her during the entire day? Can she be successful if several individuals rotate during the day? Because misunderstandings are common, parents and school personnel must have a clear understanding about the child's need for a one to one aide.

In How to Request a One-on-one Parapro for Your Child, parent attorney Wayne Steedman describes qualifications of paraprofessionals and strategies parents can use to make their case for a parapro.



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Resources for Paraprofessionals

The Resources for Teachers, Principals and Paraprofessionals page will help teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and school board members find information quickly and take advantage of opportunities in the law.

Find information about your role and what you need to know about NCLB, IDEA 2004, Teacher Litigation, Highly Qualified Teachers, DOE Paraprofessional Guidance, Research Based Instruction, Free Publications and more...

Wrightslaw Way Blog

Wrightslaw Way Blog Posts about Paras

IEP FAQs: Can We Write our Parapro's Name in the IEP? Your child has a right to a teacher (or para), but does not have a right to the BEST teacher or para. You need to be careful about how you approach this issue. Find out what the law says...

What do the experts say about classroom aides providing special education services for students with complex learning needs. Read How Much Training is Required for a Classroom Aide?


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