Accommodations & Rights for
College Students with Disabilities

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Parents of kids with disabilities are often surprised to learn that their college-bound children are no longer eligible for services.

IDEA does not follow a child into post-secondary programs. However, students do have rights and protections under Section 504 and ADA.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you'll find information and resources about college and continuing education, accommodations after high-school, and self-advocacy.

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College girl studying outside

College Course Requirements for Students with Disabilities

"My son's disability diagnosis prevents higher math and the Disability Services office at his college denied a waiver for a higher math class requirement.

How do we file a Section 504 complaint against the school?"

Sue Whitney answers this question, and others, in her new article Must Colleges Waive Course Requirements for Students with Disabilities?


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Help for College Students with Disabilities from Wrightslaw

Post-secondary institutions have very different responsibilities from your public school district.

To help you make good decisions about the transition to further education, and the choices available visit College: Continuing and Higher Education.

college student boy in class

Self-Advocacy: Know Yourself, Know What You Need, Know How to Get It

Self-Advocacy is learning how to speak up for yourself. Students need to advocate for themselves after public school.

Is your child transitioning to college, vocational training, employment, or independent living? Does he need to learn self-advocacy skills? Read more

student boy in library studying

No IDEA Rights or IEPs Follow Your Child into College

Many parents have questions about the transition to college. The good news is that there are many resources that will guide you through this process and help answer your questions.

Read this...Help! My son with LD graduates. Who will write his 504 when he loses his IEP?


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