When Behavior is Caused by a Disability

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In this issue of The Special Ed Advocate you'll learn what the school must do to determine if your child's behavior is caused by her disability.

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Handling A Manifestation Determination Review

A Manifestation Determination Review to determine if your child's behavior is caused by his disability is a BIG deal. It is your last best chance to keep the issue out of the school disciplinary officer's hands.

Based on practical experience, attorney Bill Brownley provides a “how to” guide attorneys (and parents) can use during a Manifestation Determination Review. Read the guide.

school classroom

What are Schools Required to Do?

Many schools are inflexible and cannot or will not provide remediation for kids with behavior problems. Others believe that you cannot remediate an adolescent which is simply not true. Schools often develop treatment plans (IEPs) without adequately studying the case history.

Read more about the school's legal obligations in Kids With Behavior Problems: What are Schools Required to Do? by Pete Wright.

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Suspending Children with Disabilities from School

If the school wants to suspend your child for more than 10 days, they must determine if his behavior was caused by his disability - a “manifestation determination.”

"The school sent my child with autism home for a weeklong cooling off period - can they do that?" Find the answer...

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Forced to Take a Stand - I am a special education teacher who resigned from a public school because they ordered me to do something that was against the law. Read more.

Sleep Disorders, Truancy &  Student Needs: A Complicated Mix - I have a student with a sleep disorder and emotional issues. How do the compulsory attendance laws and the student’s needs intertwine? Read more.


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