Special Education FAQs: Quick Picks

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March 25, 2008

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FAQs: Quick Picks

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This week we have a little March Madness of our own. Our format will be a bit different from the usual.

Each week we get hundreds of email questions.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, Wrightslaw provides answers to frequently asked questions, directs you to specific sections in IDEA 2004, the Federal Regulations, or NCLB and offers additional resources for more information.

We've listed the questions by topic, so you can quickly scroll through the list and pick the ones you need.

For your information (and convenience), watch for more FAQs: Quick Picks on different topics in future issues.

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Advocates and Advocacy

Need help? Not sure whether you need and advocate or an attorney? You know you need an evaluator, but don't know where to look for one in your area? Should you hire a consultant?

Answer: How Can I Find an Advocate or Attorney?

You've spent much time negotiating an effective program for your child, does that qualify you as an advocate? Would you like to become an advocate to help other families? What skills do you need to learn? What do you need to do?

Answer: So You Want to Be an Advocate?

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Behavior and Discipline

My child is a good student, but some teachers say he has behavior problems. Can I ask for a paraprofessional? Can they ask my child to leave the school?

Answer: Teacher Says, "I Don't Care if He Has an IEP," - Mother Asks for Help 

For how long can the school suspend my child? Are they just trying to get rid of him? The school knows about his diagnosis, why don't they give him help? What should we do next?

Answer: Can the School Expel my Child who has ADHD & Learning Disabilities?

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How do I get a teacher trained in Wilson Reading or Orton-Gillingham? Is a teacher "highly qualified" because she has taught for 5 years? 10 years? The school's reading plan isn't working - what can I do?

Answer: How Do I Get a Trained, Certified Reading Teacher?

What is a research based program? Does IDEA and NCLB require reading specialists to use a research based program with all their special ed students? Where do I find a list of programs and assessments?

Answer: Why Use Research Based Reading Programs?

Can I request that the school use a particular reading program for my child? Should I sign the IEP and be thankful for whatever I get? The school says I'm not entitled to tell them what to use - is this what NCLB says?

Answer: How Can I Get the School to Provide an Appropriate Program?

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Evaluations and Test Scores

My son's test scores are dropping and the school doesn't care. How can I measure his progress or lack of it? What can I do?

Answer: Test Scores Dropping, School Doesn't Care - What Can I Do?

I think my child has a learning disability. What tests should I request? How do I learn about evaluations?

Answer: My Child is Being Evaluated...What Tests Should I Request?

What is an IEE? Is an IEE a valuable tool? Who is financially responsible for an IEE? What happens when parents disagree with the school district about an IEE?

Answer: Independent Educational Evaluations: What? Why? How? Who Pays?

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