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March 9, 2005

Issue - 301
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1. Requests for Help:
Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities

2. Free Listings on the Yellow Pages

3. A Tale of Two Advocates: New Decision on UPL

4. Wrightslaw Books - Great Values, Easy on Budgets

5. IDEA 2004: IEP Members & IEP Team Attendance

6. IDEA 2004 Pubs & Resources

7. Wrightslaw Programs in IN, MO, AZ, NH

8. Subscription & Contact Info

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Highlights: Responding to your requests for help; Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities; a tale of two advocates- new decision on unauthorized practice of law; Wrightslaw books - great values & easy on tight budgets; IEP team members & IEP team attendance; IDEA 2004 resources & pubs; Wrightslaw programs in IN, MO & AZ. Download this newsletter.

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Flyers! If you want to help others learn about special education law and advocacy, print and distribute the Wrightslaw flyer. Where? At school meetings, doctor's offices, hospitals, and day care centers! Flyer in pdf More flyers

1. Your Requests for Help

"I'm from New York. I need an advocate who can help me get a better program for my child. Can you help?"

"I need to find a good ABA program in Texas? Can you help?"

"I need to get an evaluation of my child - Please held me find a good evaluator?"

Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities

To answer your requests for help, we built Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities for every state and territory.

Your state Yellow Pages includes listings for psychologists, educational diagnosticians, therapists, health care providers, academic tutors, special education schools, advocates, attorneys, support and study groups, and others who provide services to parents and children.

If you are looking for help, visit the Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities!

Help Others - Distribute Flyers for the Yellow Pages

Millions of parents are looking for help. Reach out and give them a hand. Let them know about the Yellow Pages for Kids.

Distribute flyers for your state Yellow Pages.

Where? At schools, day care centers, public libraries, doctor's and psychologist's offices, community centers, and hospitals.

Tip: Ask your school, public library, day care center, and support group to post your state flyer on bulletin boards and websites.

2. Free Listings in the Yellow Pages

Are you a psychologist, educational diagnostician, pediatrician, psychiatrist, or health care provider? Are you an educational consultant, tutor, speech or occupational therapist? Are you an advocate or attorney who represents children? Do you facilitate a support or study group for parents?

If you help parents get services for their children with disabilities, please submit an application be listed in the Yellow Pages for Kids. Send an email to app@yellowpagesforkids.com for an application.

Listings in the Yellow Pages are FREE!

3. A Tale of Two Advocates: New Decision on Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)

In March 2004, we learned that our friend, Lilliam Rangel-Diaz, was under investigation by the Florida State Bar for the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL.

Ms. Rangel-Diaz is an advocate for children with disabilities. She wrote Special Education: Is IDEA Being Implemented as Congress Intended? and has testified before Congress. She testified before the President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education about the reauthorization of IDEA. She was a member of The National Council On Disability (NCD).

The Florida State Bar recently issued a decision in her case. To learn what happened, how other cases have been resolved, and why this case is significant, read A Tale of Two Advocates: Rulings on Unauthorized Practice of Law.

Learn more about special education advocacy.

Read more special ed news.

4. Wrightslaw Books - Great Value. . . and Easy on Tight Budgets

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, Standard Edition - $29.95

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, Deluxe Edition with Legal Companion CD-ROM - $39.95

Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy - The Special Education Survival Guide

Wrightslaw: No Child Left Behind with NCLB CD ROM - $29.95

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Discounts & Exam Copies

50% Discount on Bulk Purchases of Wrightslaw Books -The Advocacy Challenge Discount is a 50% discount on bulk purchases of Wrightslaw books.

Exam Copies - Teachers in colleges and universities around the country use Wrightslaw books in their education, special education and special education law courses. Learn more

5. IDEA 2004: IEP Teams & IEP Team Attendance

"I understand that parents are no longer required participants on their child's IEP team." - Question from a parent at Wrightslaw Boot Camp in Stony Brook, NY (March 6, 2005)

"Teachers Could Be Excluded from IEP Meetings" - Headline in The New York Teacher, the official publication of New York State United Teachers. (March 3, 2005)

Does it makes sense that a child's IEP team would not include the child's parents and teachers? No? You're right. According to IDEA 2004,
Section 1414(d)(1)(B), members of the IEP team include:

(i) the parents of a child with a disability;

(ii) not less than 1 regular education teacher of such child (if the child is, or may be, participating in the regular education environment;

(iii) not less than 1 special education teacher, or where appropriate, not less than 1 special education provider of such child;

(iv) a representative of the local educational agency . . .

(v) an individual who can interpret the instructional implications of evaluation results . . .

(vi) at the discretion of the parent of the agency, other individuals who have knowledge or special expertise regarding the child, including related services personnel as appropriate; and

(vii) whenever appropriate, the child with a disability."

BUT - IDEA 2004 does include a new section about IEP Team Attendance.

To learn what IDEA 2004 says about IEP team members and IEP team attendance, when IEP team members may be excused from a meeting, and
what parents and the school district must do before a team member can be excused, read our new article IDEA 2004: IEP Team Members & IEP Team Attendance.

Learn more about IDEA 2004

6. IDEA 2004 Resources

If you are the parent of a child with a disability, you need to learn about changes in IDEA 2004 that may affect your child. If you are an educator, IDEA 2004 is likely to lead to changes to your work.

Many organizations are publishing reports, summaries and position papers about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004). We thought it would be useful to have links to these reports and publications in one place, so we made the IDEA 2004 Resources Page.

To familiarize yourself with issues - and get answers to your questions - read some of the reports, position papers and summaries on the
IDEA 2004 Resources Page.

Note: The contents of this page will change as more reports are published.

IDEA 2004 Resources Page

Learn more about IDEA 2004.

7. Coming Soon! Wrightslaw Programs in Indiana, Missouri, Arizona, New Hampshire

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training Programs
focus on four areas: special education laws, rights & responsibilities; how to use the bell curve to measure educational progress & regression; SMART IEPs; and advocacy tactics & strategies.

Fort Wayne, IN: March 25, 2005 (Advocacy Training) Attorney Wayne Steedman and advocate Pat Howey present a full-day Wrightslaw training program.

Kansas City, MO: March 29, 2005 (Advocacy Training) - NEW

Glendale, AZ: April 1-2, 2005 (Boot Camp)

Manchester, NH: May 6-7, 2005 (Boot Camp)

All participants will receive two books, Wrightslaw: Special Education Law and Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, (Value: $59.90), and the new publication, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004: Overview, Explanation and Comparison of IDEA 2004 & IDEA 97 by Peter Wright.

If you are interested in bringing a Wrightslaw program to your community, please read FAQs about Seminars.

8. Subscription & Contact Info

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