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Does your letter meet the requirements? Use the checklist below to determine if your letter contained the correct elements.





   1. Letterhead includes name, address, and telephone number, and date. (Typically centered in standard business format.)


   2. Inside address complete, correct, and includes title.


   3. Reference: Includes child’s name, DOB, and School.


   4. Single-spaced with 2 spaces between paragraphs.


   5. Appropriate greeting included at the beginning (Dear…) and appropriate closing at the end (Sincerely…).


   6. Attachments, enclosures, and copies noted correctly, placed below signature.



   7. Waited 24 hours before editing first draft.


   8. Double-spaced first draft in Courier 14 point font.


   9. Unnecessary words, adjectives, adverbs removed.


   10. Ran spelling and grammar check, then rechecked spelling again.



   11. One-page only.


   12. Wording is cordial, diplomatic, unemotional, clear, and accurate.


   13. Sentences and paragraphs are short and easy to read.


   14. Clear, brief explanation of why you are writing.


   15. Clear, brief statement of what you want the reader to do.


   16. Request for action clearly stated in the first paragraph.


   17. Includes supporting information for your requests.


   18. No demands for action included.


   19. Ended with a courtesy.


   20. Included your complete and correct contact information.

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