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February 18, 2002

Issue - 153

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Internet Survey: IEP Document Alteration, Falsification, Forgery

IDEA 2002: Accountability, Achievement, Enforcement

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Editor's Choice: The OASIS Guide to Asperger Syndome

What People Are Saying About FETA

Pete & Pam in Chicago on Feb 23 & Columbus, OH on March 2

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At Wrightslaw, our goals are to help you gain the information and skills you need to navigate the confusing world of special education.

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Highlights: Internet survey on IEP document falsification & forgery; IDEA 2002 - accountability, achievement, enforcement; cool stuff - free newsletters; new flyer; review of great book about Asperger Syndome; what people are saying about Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy.

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Internet Survey: IEP Document Alteration, Falsification, Forgery

According to parents, advocates, attorneys, and special education staff, falsification of documents and forgery of signatures may be a widespead problem.

Dee Alpert, a New York City-based attorney, is conducting an Internet Survey of IEP Document Alteration, Falsification and Forgery. Dee handled cases in New York for over a decade, and acted as consulting counsel in special education cases nationally. Dee is focusing on systemic special education issues and tactics, including inquiries into special education and public school district financial and related corruption.

To learn more about the Internet Survey of Document Alteration, Falsification & Forgery, Dee Alpert, preliminary findings, and our thoughts about the survey, go to:


Survey Deadline: Friday, February 22, 2002, 11:00 pm

IDEA 2002: Accountability, Achievement, Enforcement

Last week, Dr. Martin Gould, research specialist with the National Council on Disability, testified about NCD's new working paper on IDEA reauthorization that focuses on accountability, achievement, and enforcement.

NCD is an independent federal agency that makes recommendations about disability policy to the President and Congress. To learn more about the IDEA reauthorization process and the working paper,
read the News Release.

In five studies of IDEA from 1989 through 2000, NCD consistently found that parents of children with disabilities enthusiastically support the law but state and federal agencies have not enforced the law. Links to studies

News Release: https://www.wrightslaw.com/news/2002/idea.ncd.testify.htm

NCD Working Paper: http://www.ncd.gov/newsroom/reauthorizations/idea/idea.html

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Here are some recent additions to our Free Newsletters Page -

SchwabLearning.org. Website and weekly newsletter provide information for parents of children with learning differences, whether or not they have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. To subscribe, go to http://www.schwablearning.org/registration.asp

HearingExchange a community for people with hearing loss, parents of deaf and hard of hearing children and professionals who work with them, publishes HearingExchange News with news, articles, and information about hearing loss. To subscribe, go to http://www.hearingexchange.com/newsletters.htm

World of Dyslexia Newsletter an email newsletter with information about dyslexia testing and assessment, teaching dyslexic children, advice for parents of dyslexic children, research, and more. To subscribe, go to http://www.dyslexia-teacher.com/t23.html

School Grants Newsletter. Free publication about grants from federal, state and private organizations. The School Grants website at http://www.schoolgrants.org has tips on writing grant applications, ideas for playground funding, and technology resources for schools who want to update their computer technology.

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Editor's Choice: The OASIS Guide to Asperger Syndrome: Advice, Support, Insight, and Inspiration

Parents struggling to find answers to their questions about their children often have to wade through pedantic, confusing mazes. Many books about medical or developmental conditions offer little help.

Refreshingly, these authors delve into the misunderstood world of pervasive developmental disorders with clarity, warmth, and amazing depth. The authors, both mothers of AS children, trace the disorder from the onset of symptoms through adulthood. This book grew out of the authors' OASIS website (Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support) at http://www.udel.edu/bkirby/asperger/ which has furthered AS research.

In addition to invaluable, practical information, parents and others will find comfort in the books welcoming tone and the knowledge that they are not alone. Great job!

"The OASIS Guide to Asperger Syndome contains great advice, tips, and practical solutions to manage the confusion of special ed and Asperger Syndrome. The new parent and the seasoned veteran should read the guide from cover to cover. It is excellent." -- Pete Wright, coauthor of Wrightslaw: Special Education Law and Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy and Wrightslaw.com


What People Are Saying . . . Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy: The Special Education Survival Guide

Pete and Pam Wright have pulled together one of the most important how-to manuals ever written for navigating your way through the morass of special education, and for using the law to demand/get a good education for your child. (Pete is the attorney who argued and won the "Shannon Carter" case before the Supreme Court, putting ADD/ADHD on the map.) I highly recommend you get and read this book - it's a goldmine of information! - Thom Hartmann, author, ADD: A Different Perception

From Emotions to Advocacy
is the best, most practical, informative, empathetic book on the market. It's amazing and thrilling to be an advocate for 15 years, to read FETA, and feel the thrill of 'Oh, my God! that is so true', and to be able to sharpen my skills. - Fran Dobrowolski, New Hampshire advocate

An invaluable, user-friendly resource for parents of children with disabilities! This book is packed with critical information, and provides clear, practical professional guidance that will empower parents with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge for successfully advocating in their child’s behalf. – Sandra Rief, author of How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children

More Reviews
 at https://www.wrightslaw.com/bks/feta/feta.reviews.htm

Order Book from https://www.wrightslaw.com/bks/orderform.htm

Pete & Pam Wright in Chicago & Columbus OH

February 23: Chicago, IL. Pete and Pam Wright will be at Niles North High School in Skokie, Illinois for a full day of advocacy training.

For more information, please visit the Special Connections site at http://www.special-connections.org/ or call Special Connections at 312-914-0591 or email Contact@special-connections.org

March 2: Columbus, OH. Please join Pete and Pam Wright for a full day of advocacy training at Children's Hospital Education Center.

For registration and program information, please visit the Children's Hospital Education Center website at http://www.columbuschildrens.com/edu/specialed.cfm/
For more information, call Community Education at Children's Hospital 614-722-4949

To learn if we are scheduled to come to your area, please check our Schedule.

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