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January 28, 2002

 Issue - 150

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Support for School Personnel & Parent Training in the IEP

IEP Meetings: Play Hearts, Not Poker

Tip: How to Use a Parent IEP Attachment

IEP Resources Page

Editor's Choice: Great Books about IEPs

SMART IEPs and More: Lincoln, NE

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Our goals are to help you gain the information and skills you need to navigate the confusing world of special education. In this issue, we focus on IEPs and IEP meetings.

Highlights: New article about including support for school personnel and parent training in IEPs; articles and tips about IEP meetings; books about IEPs; SMART IEPs and More in Lincoln, NE.

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Support for School Personnel & Parent Training in the IEP by Susan Bardet, Esq.

"It's time for your son's annual IEP review, and you can't understand why Ryan is still receiving failing grades . . . You start to panic." What can you do?

The IDEA provides tools that IEP teams can use to help all children learn and succeed in school. In many cases, the IEP can (and should) include support for school personnel and training for parents. To learn more, read Support for School Personnel and Parent Training: Often Overlooked Keys to Success by parent attorney Susan Bardet.

URL: https://www.wrightslaw.com/advoc/articles/support.bardet.htm

Play Hearts, Not Poker by Jennifer Bollero, Esq.

In Play Hearts, Not Poker, parent attorney and mother of a child with autism Jennifer Bollero explains that if you learn "the rules" and strategies, you reduce the risks when you negotiate for your child. "Your child's IEP should never be a gamble. Know what your goals are and work them. Many roads lead to the same place. Many different cards can win the game." Article includes 8 Steps to Better IEP Meetings.


How to Use a Parent IEP Attachment

Frustrated at IEP meetings? Are your questions are not answered? Read How to Use a Parent IEP Attachment by parent advocate Judy Bonnell, and learn use a simple form that tracks your requests, the school's response, issues that were resolved, and issues that are still on the table. 


IEP Resources Page

If you are like many people who visit Wrightslaw, you have questions about IEPs. To answer your questions, we built the IEP Resources Page with links to articles, law and regulations, tactics and strategies, tips, recommended reading, and free publications.


Editor's Choice: Great Books About IEPs

Preparing Instructional Objectives by Robert Mager. In this best-selling book, Dr. Robert Mager teaches you how to write clear measurable IEP goals and objectives. In Preparing Instructional Objectives, you learn to identify, select and write educational objectives. You learn how to describe the performances you expect to achieve, identify the conditions under which you expect the performance to occur, and set criteria for acceptable performance.


Measuring Instructional Results by Robert Mager. How do you know if a child is learning and making progress? You measure the results of instruction! Measuring Instructional Results gives you tools to determine if instructional results are achieved, improve instruction, and increase the value of instruction.


Better IEPs: How to Develop Legally Correct and Educationally Useful IEPs by Barbara Bateman and Mary Anne Linden.

The heart of the law is the child's written Individualized Educational Program (IEP). Better IEPs gives special educators, regular educators, and parents the confidence and know-how to develop IEPs that are both legally correct and educationally useful. Many IEPs are neither!" More information about "Better IEPs."


For more good books about IEPs, please visit the Advocate's Bookstore. Check out our Best-Seller List.


SMART IEPS and More: Pete & Pam in Lincoln, NE

Please join Pete and Pam Wright in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday, February 2, 2002 for a daylong training program about SMART IEPs and advocacy. This program is sponsored by the Nebraska Branch of The International Dyslexia Association.

For details and registration info about “SMART IEPs and More,” download the conference flyer (in pdf).

To learn if we are scheduled to come to your area, please check our Schedule. If you are interested in having Pete and Pam Wright speak at an event, please send a blank email to conferences@wrightslaw.com

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