Another Year - But NOT Just Another IEP!
Improving IEP Outcomes

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ISSN: 1538-320
September 17, 2013

boy in class taking testDoes your child's IEP measure up? Good IEPs set the standard for good education.
  • Does your child's IEP provide quality services?
  • Does it focus on teaching your child to read, write, and do math?
  • Does it list all the accommodations & modifications your child needs?

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate find out how to improve IEP outcomes by designing SMART IEPs. Learn how to develop goals that focus on the unique educational needs of your child.

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Tactics & Strategies for Getting SMART IEPs

If your child's IEP is not SMART and does not include academic and functional goals, it is defective and may deny FAPE.

Learn how to ensure that your child's IEP goals are specific, comprehensive - and measurable.


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kids & teacher at school

Tips and Tricks for Getting Effective IEPs

Want an effective IEP this year? Get 10 Tips and Tricks!

  • what to do before the IEP meeting
  • how to prepare
  • what you need to learn
  • what to request
  • how & when to review
girl writing math paper at school

Is Your Child's IEP Adequate? Sufficient? Enough?

Learn how to design accurate and up-to-date present levels so you can get the program, placement, or education your child needs.

Present Levels: The Foundation of the IEP


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