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FAQs About IEP -

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June 29, 2010

We receive hundreds of questions each week pertaining to special education law and advocacy. Can you guess what topic our readers ask about more frequently than any other?

You're right - IEPs!

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, you will find answers to more frequently asked questions about IEPs. You will also find something new - information about our featured sponsors. If you need advocacy help, you may want to take time to contact them.

Please don't hesitate to forward this issue to other friends, families, or colleagues.

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Scheduling IEP Meetings

I am worried about my child's lack of progress and concerned that the IEP does not meet his needs.

Is there anything in the law that prevents me from asking that my child’s annual IEP meeting be postponed until I get additional information?

Can an IEP Meeting Be Postponed?


Who Are the Members of Your Child's IEP Team?

Do you know the required members of your child's IEP team? Do parents have to excuse members of the IEP team from attending an IEP meeting?

What should you do if you are asked to excuse a team member, and you do not agree? What should you do if a team member does not attend the IEP meeting?

Do Parents Have to Excuse Members of the IEP Team?


What Needs to Be in the IEP?

If a child is in a wheelchair and needs a catheter, does this belong in the IEP?

What are the rules for a child who has asthma and needs help from a nurse to use an inhaler?

What does the law say about school nurse services?

Do Nursing Services Belong in the IEP?


Who Can Overturn IEP Team Decisions?

The IEP team, including the parents, agreed that a child would receive specific special education and related services and a specific placement.

The school division superintendent decided to override the IEP team placement. Can he do that?

Who Can Override an IEP?

Wrightslaw: All About IEPs cover

About Special Factors in the IEP

  • When should the IEP team refer a child for an FBA?
  • Should my adopted child receive special ed in English or in his native language?
  • What does the law say about instruction in Braille?
  • Does the law say that the school must provide an interpreter if the child needs this service?

In Wrightslaw: All About IEPs you will find clear, concise answers to more than 200 frequently asked questions about IEPs. Chapter 7 is "all about" Special Factors in the IEP.


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