Twice Exceptional Children
Gifted Students with Disabilities

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What do you do when your school doesn't support gifted students who are struggling? Some schools have programs to support gifted high achievers but do little to support gifted strugglers.

Many parents write us to say that schools are denying IEPs and 504 plans on the basis of high test scores or good grades. Their children are struggling because their "gift" seems to get in the way of receiving the help they need.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you'll find a new page at Wrightslaw about Twice Exceptional Children that includes articles, resources, book recommendations, free publications, and a short list of information and support groups.

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Twice Exceptional Children

"Our school just took away all accommodations for my dyslexic child because she is making straight A’s.

Are there any resources specifically for parents of gifted children with disabilities?"

Check out our new 2e page - Twice Exceptional Children.This page has articles and information, resource listings, book reviews and recommendations, and free publications you can download.


Prohibition Against Disability-Based Discrimination

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) says that if schools "condition" participation in accelerated classes or programs by qualified students with disabilities by requiring these students to forfeit their necessary special education or related aids and services, it amounts to a denial of FAPE under Part B of the IDEA and Section 504.

Read the letter from OCR regarding Prohibition Against Disability-Based Discrimination in Accelerated Programs.

Characteristics of Gifted Students with Specific Disabilities

Would a listing of Characteristics of Gifted Students with Specific Disabilities be helpful? On the 2e page you'll find a listing from the Council for Exceptional Children in their article on "Dual Exceptionalities."

Find "Know Your Legal Rights in Gifted Education" and "Gifted Children with ADHD" and more articles...

2e Resources, Books, and Free Pubs!

Uniquely Gifted website, developed by Meredith Warshaw, special needs educational advisor, has excellent information and resources.

Monthly email briefing from 2e. Free e-mail briefing for newsletter subscribers and others with an interest in twice-exceptional children. Feel free to forward this briefing to others with an interest in raising, teaching, or helping 2e children.

Twice-Exceptional Students, Gifted Students with Disabilities. An Introductory Resource Book from the Colorado Department of Education. Free pdf download (83 pages).


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