Mistakes People Make

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Mistakes People Make:

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As the school year ends, it is a good time to reflect back on any frustrations, disappointments, and mistakes made during the year.

It's a great time to think about avoiding unnecessary mistakes next year.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate Massachusetts parent attorney Bob Crabtree offers great advice in his Mistakes People Make series.

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"Because the stakes are so high, it is difficult for parents of children with special educational needs to advocate calmly and objectively for the educational and related services their children need."

Learn how to avoid these pitfalls - read Mistakes People Make - Parents.


School Districts

"Anything a school system does that undermines parents' trust creates a climate that is costly in dollars, time, peace of mind, and the quality and success of services given to the child."

In Mistakes People Make - School Districts, Mr. Crabtree describes common mistakes schools make. This article should be required reading for all special ed administrators.



Independent Evaluators

"To make their case for services or a specific program for their child, parents usually need a competent, credible independent evaluator. Serious mistakes by evaluators can make undermine their credibility or render their opinions powerless."

Mr. Crabtree describes Mistakes People Make - Independent Evaluators.



"Because the non-lawyer advocate plays an extremely important role in the special education process, advocates must be mindful of the power of their role and the trust parents place in them.

The more serious mistakes advocates may make are generally ones of excess ..." Read Mistakes People Make - Advocates.


Avoid Mistakes: Train Hard

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