Special Education FAQs: Quick Picks

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October 28, 2008

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In This Issue:

FAQs: Quick Picks

Accommodations & Modifications

Section 504 & Discrimination

Parent-School Relations & Conflict

Highly Qualified Teachers

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Fall Quick Picks: Special Education FAQs

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, Wrightslaw provides answers to your frequently asked questions, directs you to specific sections in IDEA 2004, the Federal Regulations, or NCLB and offers additional resources for more information.

We've listed the questions by topic, so you can quickly scroll through the list and pick the ones you need.

For your information (and convenience), watch for more FAQs: Quick Picks on different topics in future issues.

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Accommodations and Modifications

If an accommodation or modification is marked in the IEP, is the regular ed teacher required to include that accommodation on every test or activity they create?

Answer: Are Teachers Required to Provide All Accommodations & Modifications Listed in the Child's IEP?

Isn't it discriminatory to give a student a "0" because he got legal accommodations based on his needs?

Answer: Accommodations on High-Stakes Tests

I am a regular education teacher. I was told that I must make modifications for a child who does not have an IEP or 504 plan. Must I make modifications for this child? It does not seem fair to make modifications for one child and not the others. What does the law say?

Answer: Why Must I Make Modifications for a Child? It Seems Unfair to Other Children?

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Section 504 and Discrimination

Who may be protected under Section 504, but not under IDEA? A student with AIDS? A student with ADD? A student with chronic asthma?

Answer: Key Differences Between Section 504 and IDEA 

In my district, special ed kids are sent home from school early - 30 minutes to an hour earlier than 'regular ed' students. Is this legal?

Answer: Is It Legal to Send Kids with Disabilities Home Early?

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Parent- School Relations and Conflict

I hate going to IEP meetings. The team interrupts me, talks over me, and is not willing to respond to my questions and comments. Why does the school have to draw lines in the sand?

Answer: Different Perspectives, Power Struggles, Threats, and Advocacy Strategies

My child is three years old and has an aide. The teacher and teacher's assistant are angry at the aide and the environment has become unbearable. It is having a negative impact on our son. What can I do?

Answer: How to Deal with a Hostile Environment at School?

Can I request that the school use a particular reading program for my child? Should I sign the IEP and be thankful for whatever I get? The school says I'm not entitled to tell them what to use - is this what NCLB says?

Answer: Learning to Negotiate is Part of the Advocacy Process

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Highly Qualified Teachers

I have an undergraduate and a master's degree in special education. I hold certifications in LD, ED and MR. Do I meet the highly qualified teacher requirements in IDEA 2004?

Answer: IDEA 2004: Highly Qualified Special Education Teachers

Should I request a "paraprofessional or an "aide"? Should I write the paraprofessional into the IEP as a support for the teacher, not the child?

Answer: Why You Should Request a Paraprofessional, Not an "Aide"

This year, the school says my daughter's special education teacher is “highly qualified” because she has 10 years of teaching experience. She is not certified in the Wilson reading program. I want my daughter to receive instruction from a certified, trained instructor who can bring her up to grade level. What can I do?

Answer: How Can I Get a Trained, Certified Reading Teacher?

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