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May 4, 2004

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A Fresh Look at Special Ed Advocacy

Mistakes People Make: Parents, Schools

New! Help for Teachers, Parapros, Principals

Wrightslaw Programs in AL, FL, WA, CA

Free Summer Workshops for Teachers

Help from Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities

Wrightslaw Books

Scratch n Dent Sale

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At Wrightslaw, our goals are to help you gain the information and skills you need navigate the confusing world of special education.

Highlights: A fresh look at special ed advocacy; mistakes people make - parents, schools; help for teachers, paraprofessionals, principals; Wrightslaw programs in AL, FL, WA, CA; free workshops for teachers; help from Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities; Wrightslaw books; Scratch n' Dent Sale.

Wrightslaw is ranked #1 in education law, special education law, and special education advocacy. (2003 Alexa rankings)

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1. A Fresh Look at Special Ed Advocacy

Does this describe you? Your child has a disability. You have been going to IEP meetings for years. Your files fill a small room. You log every phone call. You have every piece of paper that has ever been generated by you, your child, and every employee of your school district.

You are an expert on your rights, your child's rights, the teacher's rights, the bus driver's rights, the lunch room lady's rights. You wonder about your sanity.

Your child has fallen further behind. Have you accomplished your goal?

It's time to take a fresh look at advocating for your child. Read Special Ed Advocacy: Nine Rules of Thumb by parent attorney Bob Crabtree.

"Because the stakes are so high, it is very difficult for parents of children with special educational needs to advocate calmly and objectively for the educational and related services their children need. Nevertheless, calmness, objectivity, and a third quality -- patience for the long haul -- are the parents' most important tools in a complex and often frustrating process."

"In the course of that process, here are a few rules of thumb I have found to be helpful to parents . . . "
Read article.

2. Mistakes People Make: Parents, Schools

Mistakes People Make - Parents. Because the stakes are so high, it is difficult for parents of children with special educational needs to advocate calmly and objectively for the educational and related services their children need. Read article.

Mistakes People Make - Schools. Anything a school system does that undermines parents' trust creates a climate that is costly in dollars, time, peace of mind, and the quality and success of services given to the child. Read article.

Advocacy Information & Strategies - You will find hundreds of articles, newsletters, Qs & As, in the Advocacy Libraries. Visit the Law Library for special Ed law and caselaw.

3. New! Help for Teachers, Parapros, Principals

"I am a special Ed teacher. I am struggling to write IEP goals and objectives for my students. My district says NCLB requires IEP goals and objectives to be tied to annual state assessments. But my students need IEPs that focus on their needs and disabilities. Help!"

"My school uses a Balanced Reading method for LD students. Does this method meet the requirements for a research based reading program under NCLB?"

"My paraprofessional is wonderful and effective but she does not meet the new NCLB educational requirements. She cannot afford to go to college for two years. How can we keep good paras in our classrooms?"

"I am a high school English teacher. I am looking for information about the laws that affect my students with learning disabilities."

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) affect many aspects of education. You will find useful information quickly at Help for Teachers, Parapros & Principals. Topics include:

* The Basics: Legal Requirements for Education
* Highly Qualified Teachers
* Classroom Life
* Teacher Litigation
* Working with Parents Toward Common Goals
* Research Based Instruction
* Keeping an Eye on Graduation
* Different Routes to the Classroom
* Free Newsletters & Training
* Useful Books and Websites

Help for Teachers, Parapros & Principals

More topics.

4. Wrightslaw Legal & Advocacy Programs: AL, FL, WA, CA

Knowledge is power. When you have information and skills, you will be a more effective advocate for your child. Our role is to help you gain knowledge so you can negotiate with the school on your child's behalf.

Birmingham, AL - May 25, 2004 - FREE to Alabama parents who sign up early!

Orlando, FL - Family Cafe - May 28-30, 2004 (2 sessions and Keynote)

Seattle, WA - 1 day training at Autism Society of America National Conference - July 7, 2004

Sacramento, CA Boot Camp - 1st Boot Camp on West Coast! - July 17-18, 2004

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training Programs focus on four areas: special education law; using the bell curve to measure progress & regression; SMART IEPs; and tactics & strategies for effective advocacy.

We hope you will join us for a Wrightslaw Training Program! If you are interested in bringing Pete and Pam Wright to your community, please read our FAQs about Seminars. (We are scheduling programs for 2005-2006.)

5. Free Summer Workshops for Teachers

The U. S. Department of Education is bringing effective teachers and experts together to share research-based practices and effective methods of using data to inform instruction. Interested teachers can attend free Teacher-To-Teacher Summer Workshops. Workshops will be held in these locations:

June 21-23 Denver, Colorado
June 28-30 Portland, Oregon
July 6-8 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 12-14 Orlando, Florida
July 21-23 Anaheim, California
July 28-30 St. Louis, Missouri
August 2-4 Boston, Massachusetts

Participants will receive DVDs, publications, and suggested Internet sites to share with colleagues. These learning resources will help in professional training and future on-line learning.

Stipends: These workshops are free for teachers. The U. S. Department of Education will pay your hotel costs for two nights and a travel stipend. People who travel more than 50 miles will receive a $150 travel stipend; individuals who travel 50 miles or less will receive a travel stipend of $50.

Frequently Asked Questions


Teacher To Teacher Workshops

6. Need Help? Visit the Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities

If you are looking for help - or a helper - visit the Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities. Your state Yellow Pages has many resources - evaluators, speech language therapists, tutors, special Ed schools, advocates, attorneys, organizations, and support groups.

These articles will help you find help:

What to Expect from an Evaluation of Your Child

Working with Independent Evaluators and Educational Consultants

Strategies to Find a Support or Study Group

Free Listings in the Yellow Pages: If you help parents get services for children (i.e., an evaluator, educational consultant, academic tutor, advocate, attorney, special Ed school, etc.) or you facilitate a support or study group for parents, submit an application be listed in the Yellow Pages for Kids. Send an email to app@yellowpagesforkids.com for an application. Listings in the Yellow Pages are free.

Help Others: Please print and distribute Flyers for Your State Yellow Pages for Kids.

7. Wrightslaw Books - Great Value. . . and Easy on Tight Budgets

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, Standard Edition - $29.95

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, Deluxe Edition with Legal Companion CD-ROM - $39.95

Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy - The Special Education Survival Guide - $19.95 - $10 Off

Wrightslaw: No Child Left Behind with NCLB CD ROM - $29.95

Internet Orders l Mail, Fax, Phone Orders l Discounts l

Scratch-n-Dent Sale: Special Ed Law, From Emotions to Advocacy and No Child Left Behind - $9.95 each - Limited quantities available. Order Now

Discounts & Exam Copies

50% Discount on Bulk Purchases of Wrightslaw Books -The Advocacy Challenge Discount is a 50% discount on bulk purchases of Wrightslaw books.

Exam Copies - Teachers in colleges and universities around the country use Wrightslaw books in their education, special education and special education law courses. Learn more

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The Special Ed Advocate is a free online newsletter about special education legal and advocacy issues, cases, and tactics and strategies. Subscribers receive "alerts" about new cases, events, and special offers on Wrightslaw books.

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