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October 30, 2003

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Alert! Join Pete & Pam Wright for a "Wrightslaw Boot Camp" in Jackson , MS on November 7-8, 2003

Do you want to learn more about special education rights & responsibilities? Do you want to fine-tune your advocacy skills? Do you need to prepare for the next IEP meeting?

This is the last two day boot camp scheduled in 2003.

On Friday, you'll learn about special education law, rights and responsibilities, No Child Left Behind, and how to use the bell curve to measure educational progress or regression. On Saturday, you'll learn about SMART IEPs and strategies for effective advocacy (see agenda below).

We will test your knowledge and skills and give you feedback about your progress.

Registration Information

Registration fee for parents: Parents $50.00, Professionals $75.00.

This program has been approved for 12 CLE credits.

For registration information about this two-day Wrightslaw “Boot Camp”, please download the conference flyer from –


Registrants will receive Wrightslaw: Special Education Law and Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy (value: $59.90) - what a deal!

For more info about the Mississippi Boot Camp, including hotels, directions, and things to do, go to:


Download the conference brochure and registration form


Questions? For information, please contact Pam Dollar - Parents United (601) 594-9314 or E-mail: pkdollar@bellsouth.net


Friday, November 7, 2003

Special Education Law

  • Overview of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA '97)
  • Findings and Purposes
  • Definitions
  • ESY, Child Find, LRE, Inclusion, Private Placements, Assessments
  • Evaluations, Re-evaluations, IEPs
  • Procedural Safeguards, Notice, Due Process, Mediation, Appeal, Discipline, Transition
  • Section 504 & ADA
  • No Child Left Behind Act
  • Caselaw & recent legal developments

Tests & Measurements & Bell Curve

  • Overview of Tests & Measurements & Bell Curve
  • Standard Scores, Subtest Scores, Percentile Ranks, Grade & Age Equivalent Scores
  • How to Use Bell Curve to Chart Progress & Regression
  • Demo: How to Create PowerPoint Graphs of Progress & Regression

Saturday, November 8, 2003

Review of Tests & Measurement, Bell Curve


  • Essential Elements of SMART IEPs
  • Strategies for Writing SMART IEP Goals & Objectives
  • Revising IEP Goals & Objectives to Make Them SMART

Tactics & Strategies for Effective Advocacy

  • Rules of Adverse Assumptions
  • Parent-School Conflict: Why & How to Resolve
  • Obstacles to Successful Advocacy
  • How to Organize the Child's File & Develop the Master Document List
  • How to Obtain and Use the Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Keys to Successful Negotiation
  • Letter Writing Strategies
  • How to Prepare for School Meetings
  • School Meeting Survival Strategies
  • Strategies to Deal with Difficult People
  • How to Use 5 Ws + H + E Questions
  • How to Chose Battles Wisely; How to Market & Sell
  • Deadly Sins

For more info about the Mississippi Boot Camp, including hotels, directions, and things to do, go to:


Wrightslaw: Seminars & Training Programs

To learn when we are scheduled to come to your area, please visit our Seminars & schedule page:


Conferences are now being booked for 2004. To learn how you can bring Pete and Pam Wright to your area, please visit our FAQs page at:


What People Are Saying . . .

"Wow! I do advocacy training and got lots of great ideas from your presentation. I may even give that test! The bell curve is powerful. I have taught several people how to do this and they are amazed."

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. I brought two new attorneys who joined my staff - it was enormously helpful to them."

"I want to thank you for the most informative seminar I have ever attended. I learned so much! Thank you for answering so many questions - you answered one of my questions and it helped!"

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